How to subscribe to Safaricom Kleek


Safaricom Kleek enables you to listen to your choice of songs, create automated playlists, download tracks and dedicate songs to anyone using your Mobile. Also, you can set any songs as your caller tune.

Dial 813 to subscribe and enjoy your favorite music. Safaricom Kleek is exclusive to Safaricom subscribers only.

Pack Type Pack Price (KSHs.) Feature Bundle Night Listening Timing
Weekly Pack 7 7 Free day Listening Minutes +Unlimited Night Listening (FUP: 1 Hour / Night) Midnight 6 am
Daily Pack 3 Unlimited Night Listening (FUP: 1 Hour / Night) Midnight 6 am
  • Downloading Charges: KSHs.10
  • Dedication Charges: KSHs.10

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