How to report a death Occurrence to the police.


Reporting the occurrence of death must be done as soon as it occurs and not later than three months after the occurrence.

The report is made to the area Assistant Chief’s office if the death occurs at home and to the hospital personnel if the death occurs in a hospital.

This should be done by relatives, owners of the house where the death has occurred or any person with full information on the occurrence of a death.

1. Name, age and occupation of the deceased, cause, place and date of death
2. Residential area and district of the deceased
3. Name of informant (person giving the information)
4. Register of death form D1/D2 for deaths occurring in health institutions duly completed, or
5. Register of death form D2/D3 for a death that occurs at home duly completed
6. Post mortem report for death from the unnatural course

Cost: Nil
Timelines:   Instant


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