How to register as an Employed NSSF Member

How to register as an Employed NSSF Member

The National Social Security Fund is a friendly service organization which exists for the public good. It offers social protection to all Kenyan workers. We provide social security protection to workers in the formal and informal sectors. We register members, receive their contributions, manage funds of the scheme, process and ultimately pay out benefits to eligible members or dependents.

How to register as an Employed NSSF Member

If you are in employment, all you need is to visit any NSSF office closest to you with:

  1. Your original National Identity Card(ID Card), Alien Card or Passport
  2. An introduction letter from your employer

We will record your details and register you. You will then be issued with an NSSF membership card. Your employer will require the NSSF Number on your card to enable them to make contributions to your account.

You can also topup your contributions at any time through M-PESA.


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