How to prepare for a flight

How to prepare for a flight

Considering the anxiety and stress that comes with travelling especially if you are flying, we have compiled a checklist to ensure you enjoy your trip and travel stress-free. We will assume you have a passport and have already bought a ticket to your destination.

  1. Get a Visa

This is a priority. A visa gives you entry and permission to stay in foreign country. In some instances, this can be obtained at the port of entry at a fee. Other countries dictate that you acquire one before travelling. In some very rare cases, you will not need a Visa to visit some countries depending on the diplomatic relations between that country and yours.

  1. Get immunized

This is mandatory. You will have to get immunized mostly against yellow fever and take your immunization card with you. You can also get immunized against other diseases like malaria depending on their prevalence in the region you are visiting but this is not mandatory.

  1. Check in online

Check-in means enlisting/confirming yourself as a passenger in a flight.  Checking in online will allow you to select a seat and declare your luggage amongst other things. This will save you queuing time at the airport to check in your luggage, select a seat and get a boarding pass. It will also give you some time allowance since you do not have to arrive at the airport awkwardly early to allow you time to check in as is required of those who have not checked in online.

  1. Get transport to the airport

Arrange for transport to the airport in advance. If you plan on taking an Uber or any other taxi service, make sure your phone is charged and loaded with mobile internet data.

  1. Change currency

Ensure you have cash in the currency of the country you are visiting. At least enough to catch a cab and grab a meal. Not everyone will accept US dollars as most people believe; even if they did they/you might not know the dollar rate to their currency. To avoid inconveniences, make sure you have some cash in the local currency.

  1. Credit card

A credit card will come in handy when paying in restaurant and other places just in case you run out of cash.

  1. Book a hotel

You do not want to be stranded without a place to stay in a foreign land. Make reservations in the hotel you plan to stay in well in advance, especially in high season times such as Christmas or Easter or New Years. Almost every hotel these days will allow you to do this online.

  1. Chargers compatibility

Different countries and regions use different socket standards. Always check the compatibility of your gadget chargers such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and any other electronic device. To stay safe, always travel with power plug adapters.

  1. Appropriate dressing

Check the weather online and pack appropriate clothing.

  1. Get mobile contacts of host

Get the mobile contacts of the hotel or the people to host you in the country you are visiting. Make sure to always get the mobile contacts of the person to pick you from the airport if you have such arrangements.

  1. Leave space for gifts

Leave some space in your bag for gifts or anything that you might buy during your trip.

  1. Pay your bills

Pay your bills back home unless you are relocating. You can imagine how it would feel if you travelled only to come back to an extra padlock on your door. It’s always wise to pay your rent, water bills, electricity bill, car packing and other bills before you travel just in case you get excited and overspend.

  1. Backup your data

This is for people who travel with their laptops. Create a backup of your data and leave a copy at home. This will ensure your data is not lost in case you lose your laptop or your laptop gets damaged.

  1. Travel insurance

Your regular insurance may not cover you outside your country. Travel insurance will cover you in case you get sick or injured while you are on your trip. Get one and enjoy your trip!


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