List of All Taxi Hailing Apps in Kenya

With most of the taxis in Kenya operating in Nairobi, the Wasili App sought to take civilization to other parts of Kenya.

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List of All Taxi Hailing Apps in Kenya

Hailing Apps are phone applications that connect passengers to the nearest drivers within their location. The Apps rely on GPS locations which makes it easier for a passenger and taxi driver to find each other.

Taxi drivers on the other hand are independent workers who have been provided with a platform to find customers.

Apart from the generous discounts, these Apps have made taxi hailing easier and faster. The following are the taxi-hailing Apps in Kenya.


1. Uber

    1. Uber is a Taxi hailing App owned by Uber Technologies Incorporated, a technology firm based in the United States.
    2. Uber is a pioneer in the modern taxi-hailing space.
    3. The App offers mobility services for passengers and deliveries like food.
    4. Uber is a globally reputable taxi-hailing App with a presence in Kenya.
    5. Its sibling Uber Eats has also gained popularity for its efficient food deliveries.
    6. Apart from getting taxis for people who want to move from point A to B, Uber also enlists drivers who drive its clients and earn money.
    7. The drivers are independent contractors who work on their own schedules.
    8. Click here to download the Uber Kenya mobile App.






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2. Bolt

    1. Coming hot on the heels of Uber is Bolt, a taxi-hailing service that began its Kenyan operations in 2017.
    2. Bolt has grown in popularity in Kenya largely because of its generous discount offers to customers.
    3. Its relative affordability has made it ideal for people traveling across busy Kenyan cities like Nairobi.
    4. A group of friends may easily consider carpooling on a Bolt cab without having to change PSV vehicles to their destination.
    5. This not only makes commuting less hectic but also saves time and money.
    6. Bolt also launched a Women Only service that includes female drivers and passengers to protect women customers from harassment.
    7. Bolt Food also exists for food deliveries/takeaways.
    8. Click here to download the Bolt Kenya mobile App.





3. Jimcab

    1. Jimcab is the Kenyan version of Uber.
    2. The Kenyan taxi-hailing company has been in existence for over 20 years and promises professionalism to its client.
    3. Jimcab facilitates a mixed fleet of vehicles in cars, buses, and other types of vehicles.
    4. It has both car hire and corporate taxi services. Through its App you can do the following;
        1. Order a taxi
        2. Cancel a booking
        3. Monitor your hailed taxi as it approaches your position
        4. Pay cash for the service
    5. Click here to download the Jimcab mobile App.






4. Little Cab

    1. Little Cab is a taxi-hailing App owned by the software company Craft Silicon.
    2. Little Cab got an edge in the market after its partnering with Safaricom Kenya.
    3. This partnership saw Little Cab rolling out a USSD hailing service: *826#
    4. The USSD option made it a very convenient App for many Kenyans as it does not require mobile data/internet connection.
    5. You can, however, use the mobile App which is more comprehensive.
    6. Click here to download the Little Cab Android mobile App.
    7. Click here to download the Little Cab iOS mobile App.



5. Wasili

    1. With most of the taxis in Kenya operating in Nairobi, Wasili sought to take civilization to other parts of Kenya.
    2. Wasili started bridging the gap, setting operations at major towns in Rift Valley including Nakuru.
    3. These areas were not covered by taxi-hailing Apps before.
    4. Through the Wasili mobile App, you can ask for a taxi at a place and time of your convenience.
    5. You can also check and be aware of the fare estimate to various destinations before confirming a reservation.
    6. Wasli allows you to pay for the services through cash or M-PESA.
    7. Click here to download the Wasili mobile App.






6. Hava

    1. Hava is a taxi application based at the NextGen Mall in Nairobi Kenya.
    2. Its services are also available in Kisumu, Mombasa, and Eldoret, among other towns in Kenya.
    3. Hava promises swift and convenient commutes for its customers who have to contend with traffic jams in major cities.
    4. Hava gets you to different points including airports and your workplace hassle-free.
    5. Click here to download the Hava App.





7. inDrive

    1. inDrive is a taxi-hailing App that helps users find a ride by just tapping a few times on their phone.
    2. In addition to easily finding a ride, you can also join inDrive to be a driver and earn money.
    3. The inDrive Application has the following services;
        1. Traveling across and between cities
        2. Sending and receiving packages
        3. Booking a truck for your personal or business needs.
    4. Its unique feature is that a customer can enter how much they are willing to spend.
    5. Nearby drivers see the order and come to your service at the right price.





8. Maramoja

    1. Maramoja is a Kenyan taxi-hailing service created to meet the needs of commuters at affordable rates.
    2. With a reach of different towns in Kenya, Maramoja App has joined the revolution of transport.
    3. With just a few taps on the phone, you can not only get a ride but also check the prices and find what is ideal for you.
    4. Maramoja has also been lauded for its continuous improvements to boost efficiency.
    5. It also has a separate App for those who want to join and those working as drivers.
    6. Click here to download the Maramoja taxi-hailing App.





9. PTG Travel

    1. PTG Travel is a safe and efficient alternative through which you can call a ride.
    2. PTG Travel is also among the top taxi-hailing Apps with a particularly high clientele in Nairobi.
    3. You can get a cab in just under one minute on your PTG Travel Mobile App.
    4. Entering your address is not necessary, you only need to turn on “Find my location” and the smartphone’s GPS will do the rest.
    5. Click here to download the PTG Travel Mobile App.





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10. SafeBoda (SafeCar)

    1. SafeBoda was formed on the backdrop of recklessness and unprofessionalism by Kenyan bodaboda riders.
    2. This App formalized motorcycle riders and taxi drivers alike, thereby guaranteeing safety for customers.
    3. Through the App, you can order a SafeCar or bike to take you to your desired destination.
    4. The cars can carry up to 4 passengers which could be a lifesaver after a night out with friends.
    5. Click here to download the SafeBoda mobile App.





The list is subject to updates. More items to follow.


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