How to have your event listed on ticketsasa

How to register for Ticketsasa services.
How to register for Ticketsasa services.

About Ticketsasa is Kenya’s number one online marketplace for all things events, holiday and travel. They provide you with convenient and secure real-time 24 hours daily access to event tickets, air tickets, and holiday packages. Enjoy convenience when paying through our #Jazajaza holiday payment plan which enables you to pay for your holiday in installments. Fancy some glamping? Join them for their thrilling #JazaGari expeditions. Wherever the beat is or wherever your travels may take you, discover it at and pay online using Visa, MasterCard, M-pesa, and Airtel Money.

How to have your event listed on ticketsasa

  1. As the event owner, you will need to go to and register as a merchant
  2. You will receive two emails from [email protected]one to activate your account and another with a consumer key and secret. Keep these at reach as you will need the details to receive payments for your events
  3. Send information [email protected] about your event as follows
    • Artwork for your event with the following pixel dimensions
      • Event photo – 330px by 320px
      • Sponsors photo – Either one Image (300px by 300px) with all – Or small logos (80px by 80px) for Each Sponsor
      • Slideshow image* – 800px pixels 305px
    • Event Information
      • Event Name
      • Event Description
      • Event Price (In case Event has several tickets, indicate pricing for each, and when they are to start selling)
      • Event date & time
      • Event Venue.
  4. The event will go live within 3 hours.

Note that; Only events that have surpassed a certain limit of tickets sold will be featured on the slideshow

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