How to get on Bank Of Africa B-Mobile Services


For existing BOA Account holders:

Download B-MOBILE from BOA KENYA from your App store or dial *987#.

How do I log in?
  • Your USERNAME is your cell phone number – 2547xxxxxxxx
    Your M-PIN is the Pin that you have been using on B-Mobile.
Do you have an account with Bank of Africa Kenya but have never signed up for mobile banking? Now you can use the following easy steps;
  1. Click on Register and fill in the details required.
  2. An SMS will be sent to you with details of your USERNAME and one-time PIN, you can then Login and once you enter your one-time PIN you will be prompted to change it to a PIN that is familiar to you Always keep your PIN secret and never share it with anyone.


a) Account services

  • You can now check your balances in the account
  • Get a full and mini statement
  • You can also check our forex rates

b) Airtime Top Up

  • Purchase airtime directly from your BOA account to top up your Safaricom number Top up any Safaricom number by purchasing directly from your BOA account.

c) Cardless Withdrawal

  • Forgot your ATM card at home but need money? No problem!! Using B-Mobile cardless withdrawal feature, you can get a one-time PIN that allows you to get cash from any BOA ATM

d) Cheque and ATM Services

  • Get to request for a Cheque book by selecting the account from which you require a Cheque book

e) Funds Transfer

  • Get to transfer funds to your own account by selecting the source account to the account desired
  • You can send money to other BOA account by selecting the beneficiary and a source account. Nominate your beneficiary accounts under the My Profile section

f) Mobile Money

  • You can send money from the bank account to M-pesa by selecting the account number and the amount you wish to transfer
  • You can transfer money from Mpesa to your bank account Our pay bill number is 972900

g) Bill Payment

  • Get to pay your DSTV, ZUKU, JTL and GOTV for their services
  • Enter the business number and the source account and confirm the M-pin

h) My Profile

  • Under this section, you can nominate beneficiary accounts that you would like to send money to.
  • You can also update your information for our records. You also get to refer your friends to Bank of Africa

i) Locator

Under this section, you can find your nearest branch and their opening hours as well as how to find your nearest BOA ATM machine.


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