How to check NHIF account contribution status on your phone?

How to submit your NHIF by product.
How to submit your NHIF by product.

How to check NHIF account contribution status on your phone?

What you need:

  1. A working SMS plan on your phone (remember this is a premium rated service so bundle SMS won’t hack it)
  2. Your National ID or Passport number
  3. You should have at least 10 shillings credit


  1. Compose a new TEXT message with the letters ID followed with your ID or passport number I.e. ID12345678
  2. Send the message to 21101
  3. You will receive a text showing your last payment date. 

Answers would be frequently asked Questions

What is the waiting period for NHIF or put differently how long does it take to access NHIF services after registration?

NHIF has two types of membership, formal and informal. When you are in the informal sector your waiting period is 60 days while those in the formal sector have 30 days waiting period.

What’s is the waiting period for a dependent on NHIF?

NHIF has made it really easy for members to add their dependents. A dependents “card” becomes active immediately once you finish the registration process.

How long does it take for MPESA payments to be uploaded?

M-PESA payments are known to take between 24 and 48 hours although there are instances when  M-PESA payments reflect immediately.

What happens when you break your contribution?

There are two options for this. You can decide to pay the principal amount and then wait for sixty days before you can resume using the service. Alternatively, you can pay the arrears plus penalties and be activated on the spot.

What are the penalties for late payment?

You need to pay your NHIF by the 9th of each new month. If you fail to pay by this date then you or your employer depending on your type of contribution will have to pay extra.

In the case of an employer missing a payment, they will be required to pay double the principal.

When an individual or as they call them informal contributor fails to pay on time they will need to pay 50% on the principal. That would be 500 plus 250 which will be 750