Ethiopian Airline crash victim buried

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Ethiopian Airline crash victim buried

The remains of Ethiopian airlines crash victim, Anne Mogoi was laid to rest at her home in Bonchari, Kisii county. She was one of the 32 people who perished in the crash.

Rev Boris Ogero of Lutheran Church, Itierio led the ceremony. Anne’s remains were buried at 1pm.

The Abagusii traditions dictate that when a woman who has attained the age of marriage but has not left her parents’ home dies, she should be buried at the edge of the parents’ compound. “We are Christians and did not want to go against the church where our daughter was brought up. This is a unique send-off for our daughter who always kept the family at heart,” Mr Birundu said.

Mr Birundu said the family would spend half of Anne’s compensation fund to build a mausoleum in the compound and also fund a community project.

He described Anne, his only daughter, as a cheerful, sociable and caring person who was enthusiastic about making the world a better place.

“We will help the community and let them learn from the good deeds of our daughter. She had passion to help the girl-child and we will ensure her legacy continues.”