America faults Kenyan soldiers over Manda Bay attack

Manda Bay attack on January 5
Manda Bay attack on January 5 [PHOTO/ The Standard]

In what could spark hard feelings among Kenyan people and government, America has faulted the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) for their presumed laxity during the Manda Bay terror attack at the Kenyan coast on January 5. According to an article published in the New York Times, the Kenyan battalion hid in the grass during the raid, leading to the killing of three Americans by the Al-Shabaab terror group.

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“Many of the local Kenyan forces, assigned to defend the base, hid in the grass while other American troops and support staff were corralled into tents, with little protection, to wait out the battle,” reads part of the article published by the NYT on Wednesday.

The publication scales a notch higher to suggest that American authorities have strong reasons to believe that the terror squad could have obtained aid from Kenyan workers stationed at the camp. It goes further to ridicule Kenyan authorities saying they reported as having captured six Al-Shabaab militants all of whom later turned out to be bystanders and who were forthwith released.

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Immediately after the attack, the US deployed one of its top elite military units to keep watch of its interests at the Kenyan coast.

The international media has been a spot for backlash from African inhabitants for its alleged bias in reportage of Africa’s stories more so when serving Western interests in the continent.