14 Kamiti Maximum Prison inmates graduate with a Bachelors of Law Degree

Kamiti inmates celebrate graduating with a Bachelor of Law Degree. [Photo/Kenya Law]

14 Kamiti Maximum Prison inmates graduate with a Bachelors of Law Degree

Thursday, 31, October will forever be enshrined in the minds of inmates at the Kamiti Maximum Prison after 13 inmates, one ex-inmate and two prison staff were granted the power to read and write when they graduated with a Bachelors of Law Degree from the University of London(distance learning program)

The highly guarded prison facility which houses an estimated 2000 convicts and remandees who serve time for the crimes they committed was a beehive of activity as the graduands demonstrated that there is hope and future for those who chose to persevere.

One of the inmates who graduated, Willis Ochieng was locked up after finishing High school and sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Ochieng confronted his adversity through studying law and 11 years later he stands as a law professional.

“Much of the books that we got was like 5.8 kgs so I was wondering how can somebody be able to absorb a 5.8 kg book in his brain but I read somewhere that brain is like a balloon,” said Ochieng.

“What made be expelled from school was my involvement in drug trafficking. When I was released one month ago people around me were very impressed with my achievement,” he added.

The Assistant Commissioner-General of the Kenya Prison Service Mr Wycliffe Ogalo said the initiative was part of the ongoing prison reform process that ensures prisoners access education and smooth reintegration into the society upon release.

“Education is the key to eliminate gender inequality, poverty, creating a sustainable planet and to prevent needless death and illness and foster peace,” said Ogalo.

Kenya Law CEO Mr Long’et Terer presented them with various gift packs.