You Tube deletes Harmonise song ‘Uno’ over copyright violation


You Tube has pulled down Harmonise latest song Uno due to claims that it breached copyright regulations.

The decision was reached by the platform after Kenya’s producer Magix Enga filled the complaint.

A spot check by Howto indicates that the Uno video indeed has been pulled down from the platform, though the audio version is still available.

“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Magix Enga,” a message from YouTube read.

After the video was pulled down, Enga took to social media “warning anyone who dares sample his beats.”

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“1 week imeisha and the song Uno is no longer on YouTube. Don’t sample Magix Enga beats. I repeat don’t! Like I said I’m not going to allow this to happen, not in 254,” wrote Enga.

This comes barely a week after Enga threatened to pull down the song if Harmonised failed to do so.

According to Enga the WCB signee stole the song from him,  “alleging that the hook and beats used in his song the same as that used in his song with King Kaka Dundaing.”