‘I am dating Jackline Mbugua,’ Comedian Henry Desagu opens up


Popular online comedian Henry Desagu (real name is Ithagu Kibicho) has confirmed that he is dating Youtuber and actress Jackline Mbugua.

Speaking to Betty Kyallo on Up-close with Betty, the Prince of Mwihoko revealed that he decided to get hitched because “he wanted a woman who would help him shape his career, support him in his life decisions and at the same time, show him, love.”

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“As a young man, whose profile is out there in the public, it is important to get a woman who loves you and commit to that relationship. If one fails to do that, he will most likely waste his money and time on women, who are only after the fame,” Said Desagu.

“It is advisable that you identify one woman, stick to her and focus on art if you are an artist. So, Jackie Mbugua is that special woman in my life,” he went on to say.

This revelation came after speculations of the two being in a relationship.

The two share a child together.