Why we love eating soap, two girls reveal

Bar Soap. [Photo/file]

Why we love eating soap, two girls reveal

Villagers in Kibocho, Nandi county are still in shock after two girls from one family confessed their undying appetite for bar soaps every day.

The family of the two girls tried all manner of tricks to establish the root cause of such behaviour by the girls but in vain.

The two girls 24-year-old Sharon Chepchir and her sister 17-year-old Lydia Chemboi said they love eating bar soaps since they were young and the appetite for more has been developing as they grow.

“After eating soap it is hard for me to meet with friends because the question why my mouth smells soapy. So I am ashamed to even meet with them. The only way I can link up with friends is eating flavoured chewing gums after munching a bar of soap,” said Sharon.

“I have been eating soap for long. I don’t know if it has any side effects, I have never known,” she added.

“When I eat the soap I just feel good and it is so sweet. I have been eating soap since childhood to date in my third year in high school,” said Lydia.

“I just found myself eating soap I didn’t even know. Only one friend of my mine in school knows of this unique appetite,’ she added.

Efforts from religious leaders to counter the vice through prayers have also yielded no fruits. Their parents have even tried to add pepper to the soap but the girls’ appetite is not dying down.

Sharon claims that a curse on their grandmother may have followed them.


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