Where is Wilson Airport

Where is Wilson Airport
Where is Wilson Airport

Where is Wilson Airport

About Wilson Airport

The airport is located near Nairobi central business district. It is the busiest airport in the country and serves majorly domestic cargo and commercials airlines. Most of the airlines serve within Kenya airports and airstrips, though there are some that go beyond the borders to East African countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda. It is also pivotal in connecting visitors and tourist to various game reserves and national parks in Kenya such as Masaai Mara National Park, Amboseli, and Aberdares National Parks among others.

The airport was established in the 1920s and during the First World War; Imperial Airways (which was owned by British) used to own the airports and used it for the various war activities. Imperial Airways sold the airport to BOAC and by 1929, Wilson Airways Ltd was formed. In 1933, there was need to move the site of the airport to a more strategic location, where it was now and thus the construction of dual murram runways began and operations kicked off from the new site.

The airport continued to experience growth and by 1963 when Kenya became independent, it was renamed to Wilson Airport. The airport has rapidly developed since then and handles various operations each day.

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