Where is Kasarani Stadium

Where is Kasarani Stadium
Where is Kasarani Stadium

Where is Kasarani Stadium

About Kasarani Stadium

Kasarani Stadium now Safaricom Stadium in Kenya was constructed in 1987 by the Kenyan government in partnership with the Chinese government. Kenya had been invited to bid for the hosting of African games which were to be held in the late ’80s. On submitting the bid, Kenyan won and as such, the 4th African Games were to be held in Kenya. Kenya then entered into a bilateral agreement with the Chinese government to build a sports stadium in Nairobi that would comfortably house this prestigious game event. The sports stadium in Kenya was intended to be of international standards and one of the best in the African continent.
The African Games which were held in August 1987 filled the 60,000 capacity of Moi International Sports Stadium to the brim. Earlier on athletics in Kenya were usually held at the Coca Cola stadium in Nairobi. The Moi International Sports Centre is located in Kasarani along the Thika Superhighway, approximately 12 kilometers from Nairobi City Centre.
It is well equipped for all forms of sports such as Football, Basketball, tennis, etc.’
When opened, it was among the most modern not only in Kenya but worldwide, having a corporate tier of seating long before it became a standard. This level is located between others, the upper of which consists of 24 massive sections combined to create a ring. These sections hold most of the declared 60,000 capacity.
Thanks to its size and location it was host to numerous large events, starting with All-African Games (1987), through World Social Forum (2007), to MTV Africa Music Awards (2009). Last of the events happened just before the renovation works launched in Jan 2010. The stadium was handed back to authorities by Chinese contractors (yes, again) in Sept 2012. Outside it hasn’t changed much with the decorative facades left untouched, but inside it received seats on two lower levels and had a thorough renovation of all offices, etc.
Football use is provided by Kenya national team, obviously, but also by two popular teams from Nairobi, Mathare United and Tusker FC.
The Moi International Sports Complex is located in Kasarani which is approximately 15KM from the city center and in the outskirts of Nairobi. This multi-purpose complex is the largest stadium in Kenya and can seat up to 60,000 people aside from VIP lounges and hospitality suites. Similarly, the sports complex boast of other crucial services and facilities such as modern changing rooms, mini shops, restaurants, internet hot spots, press and media areas, 6 conference rooms each with a capacity of 60 people.

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