Thika Road Matatu Saccos, Routes, and Termini

Thika road leads to key residential estates such as Zimmerman, Kasarani, Githurai, and Kahawa. Know the Matatu Saccos operating on one of Kenya's finest roads.

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Thika Road Matatu Saccos, Routes, and Termini


The iconic Thika Superhighway is a symbol of a steadily growing infrastructural framework in Kenya.

Thanks to the Kibaki administration, the highway offers passage for large volumes of trade and public transit.

This article gives you the matatu Saccos plying this historic road.



1. Zuri Genesis Matatu Sacco

    1. Zuri is a matatu Sacco that operates between Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD) and Zimmerman, off Thika road.
    2. Passengers heading to Mirema, Roysambu, and Kahawa can also be served by Zuri.
    3. The matatus are routinely parked along Tom Mboya street in Nairobi from where they pick people.
    4. Amid the intense pop culture within the Nairobi matatu sector, Zuri matatus are cool and quiet.
    5. Zuri matatus shun loud blaring music which is common, especially in Eastlands bound matatus.
    6. You would occasionally hear softly playing music, probably from the radio.
    7. This ambiance alongside a fairly decent matatu crew makes Zuri among the best matatus in Nairobi.





2. Githurai 45 bus Saccos

    1. You cannot mistake a Githurai-bound bus in Nairobi. The loud roaring engines and the ’45’ sign cards by the windows often give them away.
    2. These buses include;
      1. Virginia coach
      2. ZamZam bus
      3. Nico Travellers
      4. Githurai T45 Sacco
    3. Despite their different names, these buses are pretty much the same.
    4. These buses all operate between Nairobi CBD and Githurai 45, a famous estate along the Thika Superhighway.
    5. These buses are usually packed along Ronald Ngala Street in Nairobi from where passengers board them.
    6. Famous for their booming Reggae music, these buses are adored by Thika Road residents.
    7. They usually drop off passengers at various points along Thika road including; Pangani, Muthaiga, Survey, Allsops, Roasters, and Roysambu (TRM).


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3. Teachers Transporters

    1. Teachers Transporters matatus operate between Nairobi’s central business district and Ngumba Estate off Thika road.
    2. These matatus routinely pick up passengers from the busy Khoja bus terminus in Nairobi.
    3. Just like in Zuri, you should not expect loud music from Teachers’ Transporters.
    4. They traditionally follow Thika road before taking the imposing Roasters roundabout towards East African Breweries Limited (EABL).
    5. Passengers looking to get to Garden City Mall and Mountain Mall have an excellent choice in these matatus.



4. MSL Transporters

    1. These are Matatus which operate between Nairobi CBD and Kasarani Estates.
    2. They routinely pick up passengers from Tom Mboya street next to Nairobi Fire Station.
    3. MSL matatus use the Thika Superhighway before branching off at the Thika Road Mall (TRM) towards Kasarani and Mwiki.
    4. These are fairly cool matatus to ride in, especially if you are going straight to Kasarani.
Picture/Mwiki PSV Sacco



5. Lucky-Summer Baba Dogo Travellers Sacco (LBDT)

    1. This Sacco has a sizeable fleet of vehicles operating from Nairobi CBD to Baba Dogo and Lucky Summer areas.
    2. LBDT fleet combines both small 14 seater matatus and the larger mini-bus vehicles.
    3. These matatus are routinely packed along Tom Mboya street, beside the Nairobi Fire Station.
    4. These Vehicles use the Thika superhighway up to Allsops, before taking the interchange towards the Outer-Ring road.
    5. Branching off opposite Naivas Outer-Ring, the vehicles proceed to Baba Dogo and Lucky Summer estates.



6. Mwiki Sacco

    1. The usually green matatus ferry passenger in between Mwiki area in Nairobi and Nairobi’s central business district.
    2. Mwiki Sacco Matatus pick passengers along Racecourse Road near St. Peters Claver Church Nairobi.
    3. The pick-up point is also just behind the famous Bus Station (BS) in Nairobi.





7. Githurai 44 Sacco

    1. These matatus ferry passengers between Nairobi CBD and yet another famous estate Githurai 44.
    2. This Estate is located to the west of Githurai 45.
    3. The two areas are set apart by the stretching Thika superhighway, as it proceeds towards Kahawa Wendani and Ruiru.
    4. Githurai 44  Sacco takes passengers to the following areas from Nairobi CBD;
      1. Kahawa West
      2. Kamiti Maximum Prison
      3. Zimmerman
      4.  Githurai 44
      5. Roysambu and TRM
      6. USIU



8. RUNA Sacco 

    1. To a person who knows these matatus, RUNA is an acronym for Ruiru Nairobi.
    2. These matatus ferry passengers in between Nairobi CBD and Ruiru town.
    3. The town is located off the Thika Superhighway, and it is among the important towns in Kiambu county.
    4. RUNA Sacco has both small 14-seater matatus and mini-buses in its fleet.
    5. These matatus can be found at Ronald Ngala Street, next to the unmistakable Zam Zam bus stage.
    6. RUNA Sacco matatus typically charge KES 100-150 on average.



9. Super Metro

    1. The Super Metro Matatu Company is widely said to be the best matatu Sacco in Nairobi and possibly country-wide.
    2. Super Metro has carved out a reputation for professionalism and decency in handling customers.
    3. Testament to this, their matatu crew is admired by many because of their smart dressing and polite approach.
    4. Super Metros were at first plying the Waiyaki way route towards Westlands, Kinoo, Kangemi and Kikuyu areas.
    5. Super Metro also operates along the Thika Superhighway from Nairobi to Juja.
    6. Passengers traveling to Juja can board Super Metro next to the Kenya National Archives.
    7. There are familiar long queues both in low traffic and rush hours at this stage.


Picture/Super Metro Facebook


10. Rukagina Sacco

    1. Rukagina Sacco matatus ply on the Nairobi Kahawa west route.
    2. Rukagina Sacco just like Githurai 45 operates a bus fleet.
    3. The red and white painted buses pick up passengers from Ronald Ngala Street in Nairobis’ CBD.
    4. Passengers traveling to Kamiti Area and Kahawa West have an excellent choice in these buses.
    5. Rukagina buses typically charge between 50 and 100 to Kahawa west.



11. Kenya Mpya (Neo Kenya)

    1. The famous Kenya Mpya (Neo Kenya) buses travel the full length and breadth of the Thika Superhighway.
    2. These buses ferry people between Nairobi and Thika town.
    3. It is worth noting that this modern highway was built to primarily ease traffic pressure, and cut traveling time to Thika.
    4. Thika remains a crucial town on account of its strategic location near the capital.
    5. Kenya Mpya buses can be boarded at River Road in Nairobi CBD.
    6. With between KES 50 and 100 on average, the blue Neo Kenya buses take you directly to Thika town.


Picture/Neo Kenya Twitter



12. Lopha Travels Sacco

    1. Lopha Travels Matatus are the dominant vehicles along Nairobi’s Latema Road.
    2. These vehicles operate routes from Nairobi CBD to Ruiru and Thika along Thika road.
    3. Lopha Travels also has a Limuru Road route.
    4. You can board these matatus along Latema road at a junction with Tom Mboya street, opposite the Odeon Cinema.
    5. Lopha Travels also can also take you as far as Makongeni right from Nairobi.


Picture/ Lopha Travels



13. Nazigi Sacco

    1. Nazigi Sacco is another strong player on the 44 route.
    2. Nazigi Sacco covers destinations such as
      1. USIU (Safari park)
      2. Roysambu
      3. Zimmerman
      4. Githurai 44.
    3. Nazigi Sacco matatu can be found near Khoja Mosque in Nairobi CBD.


Picture/Nazigi Sacco


14. Expresso Limited

    1. Expresso Limited owns a fleet of nice stylish matatus which operate between Nairobi CBD and Kasarani.
    2. The Matatu “runs Kasarani” if their tagline is anything to go by.
    3. These matatus can be found along Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi, near the recently infamous Imenti House.
    4. The passengers craving for “Nganya experience” should opt for this Sacco.
    5. The screens, music pomp, and color are offered in abundance in Expresso matatus.
    6. Also, passengers heading to Thika Road Mall can use Expresso Limited matatus.
    7. This is one of the Matatu fleets which look to go toe to toe with the famous Rongai pimped matatus.


Picture/Expresso Limited



15. Sunbird buses

    1. The Sunbird buses feature prominently along Ronald Ngala Street in Nairobi.
    2. The matatus operate between Nairobi CBD and the Kahawa west estate off Thika road.
    3. The buses use Thika road before branching off towards the Northern bypass away to Kamiti and Kahawa west areas.
    4. The bus Sacco is known for its impeccable order at Ronald Ngala street.
    5. The fares are also quite predictable for passengers using it.


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16. Kariobangi Matatu Owners Sacco

    1. This matatu Sacco operates between Nairobi Central Business District and the Kariobangi area in Nairobi.
    2. These matatus can be found at Racecourse Road Nairobi at the famous OTC area (Open Trade Center) Nairobi.
    3. Kariobangi matatus traditionally follow the Thika superhighway up to the interchange at allsops.
    4. They then use the Outer-Ring Road towards Kariobangi and Huruma Estates.
    5. Kariobangi matatus can also be used by people going to the following areas;
      1. Muthaiga
      2. Survey
      3. Pangani
      4. Allsops



18. THOMAT Sacco

    1. THOMAT Sacco matatus are pre-dominantly 14-seater matatus.
    2. They ferry people between Nairobi CBD and the up-market Thome estate in Nairobi.
    3. These matatus can be picked around Odeon area in Nairobi CBD.
    4. There is also a THOMAT stage in Roasters along Thika road Nairobi.
    5. The Rosters stage is found near Quick Mart Supermarket which stands adjacent to the Roasters round-about.
    6. The matatus usually branch off Thika road at the popular Mountain Mall stage.
    7. Through Marurui road, these vehicles can take you to Thome estate.



19. Unified Poa

  1. Unified Poa is a Sacco made up of majorly buses which ferries passengers from Nairobi’s CBD to Githurai 45 estate.
  2. The Unified Poa Buses can be found along Tom Mboya street in Nairobi CBD.
  3. Unified Poa can also drop off passengers on the following stages along Thika road:
      1. Muthaiga
      2. Survey (NYS)
      3. Drive Inn
      4. Allsops
      5. Roasters
      6. Homeland
      7. USIU (Safari Park)
      8. TRM (Thika Road Mall)
      9. Roysambu


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20. Mathare North Matatu Owners (MANMO)

    1. MANMO matatus operate between Nairobi CBD and the Mathare North Neighborhood.
    2. These Matatus can be found along Tom Mboya Street Nairobi.
    3. They usually use Thika Superhighway before branching off to Mathare North via the Allsops interchange.
    4. The matatus can drop passengers at the following points along Thika Road:
      1. KCA university
      2. Survey
      3. Utalii college
      4. Muthaiga
      5. NYS headquarters
      6. Pangani
      7. Dela Rue
      8. Drive Inn
      9. Allsops



21. Marimba Sacco

  1. Marimba is among the Saccos that operate along CBD-Thika road-Githurai 44 route.
  2. These matatus can be found at Khoja stage in Nairobi CBD.
  3. While their main route is Githurai 44, the matatus are crucial to passengers alighting at:
      1. Safari Park (USIU)
      2. Roasters
      3. Allsops
      4. NYS (Survey)
      5. Muthaiga
      6. TRM (Roysambu)
      7. Zimmerman



22. Chania Travellers Sacco

    1. These are characteristically green buses that operate between Nairobi CBD and Thika town.
    2. The buses are significant along the Thika road route alongside the Neo Kenya buses.
    3. Chania Sacco Travellers are found along River Road Nairobi, at the intersection with Gaberone Road.



23. Route 44 Ngara stage

    1. If you happen to be around the globe round-about, fig tree market, or its environs, you do not need to walk to town.
    2. You can get a Thika road vehicle at the footbridge near fig tree market at Ngara.
    3. The matatus picking up passengers from this point are mainly bound for the 44 route, but occasionally you can also get 45.
    4. These matatus are therefore ideal for the following pick-up points;
        1. Pangani
        2. Muthaiga
        3. Roasters
        4. Allsops
        5. Survey/KCA/NYS
        6. Drive-Inn
        7. USIU (Safari Park)
        8. TRM
        9. Roysambu
        10. Zimmerman
        11. Githurai 44
        12. Githurai 45.



24. Mathare Sacco

    1. Mathare Sacco operates between the Ngara area in Nairobi CBD and Mathare informal settlements in Nairobi.
    2. The matatus usually pick up passengers near Paramount towers, around Fig tree market in Ngara Nairobi.
    3. The matatus use the Thika superhighway up to Muthaiga before diverting into Mathare road just before Utalii.



25. Ngara Equity Thika stage

    1. This matatu stage is located along Nairobi’s Park Road near the well-known Equity Bank branch in Ngara.
    2. From this stage, you can get matatus on the 237 Thika town route.
    3. During the off-peak evening hours, Githurai 45 buses also pick up passengers from this stage.
    4. It is easy to locate this stage from either side of town (Ngara or CBD).
    5. If you are in town OTC area, use the Racecourse road and take the left at Riverside bridge.
    6. If you are in Ngara (around Fig tree) Use Ngara Road which goes down from Fountain Gate church.



26. Dandora Matatu Sacco

    1. Dandora Matatu Sacco operates between Nairobi CBD and Dandora Estate in Nairobi.
    2. These Matatus usually pick up passengers at Nairobi’s Racecourse Road near the OTC Area.
    3. The stage is found at the foot of the imposing Mathais Supermarket in the OTC area.
    4. The matatus routinely follow the Thika Superhighway before switching to Outer-Ring road at the Allsops interchange.
    5. They are ideal for the following destinations;
      1. Muthaiga
      2. Pangani
      3. Allsops
      4. Drive-Inn
      5. Naivas Outer-Ring


Picture/Dandora Matatu Gallery



27. Nakathi Sacco

    1. Nakathi Sacco is among the matatu companies operating on the 44 Route.
    2. These matatus can be boarded around Odeon Cinema along Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi’s CBD.
    3. Being on the 44 route, Nakathi ferries passengers up to Kahawa West estate.
    4. The following are the drop-off points for Nakathi Sacco
      1. Muthaiga
      2. Survey (NYS headquarters)
      3. Allsops
      4. Roasters
      5. USIU (Safari Park)
      6. TRM
      7. Zimmerman
      8. Githurai 44
      9. Kamiti
      10. Kahawa west


Picture/Nakathi Travellers Sacco



28. Thika Road Sacco

    1. Thika Road Matatu Sacco is a shuttle service that links Nairobi city and Thika town.
    2. Its matatus pick passengers at Accra road (now Kenneth Matiba Road) around the junction with River Road.
    3. They then travel the full length of the Thika Superhighway to Thika town.
    4. These matatus are a time saver because they do not make a lot of stop-overs on the way.
    5. They also fill up to capacity quite fast as compared to vehicles like Kenya Mpya.
    6. Thika Road Sacco has a relatively good reputation, with nearly no road safety issues.



29. 2NK Shuttle

    1. This is a veteran transport company, having existed for over 15 years.
    2. It mainly operated in the central Kenya region but has extended its reach over time.
    3. It connects Nairobi to Thika, Nyeri, and Nakuru, among other places.
    4. 2NK Shuttle can be found at Accra road (now Kenneth Matiba road).
    5. It is a shuttle service, which makes it an express matatu.
    6. This means once a matatu leaves the terminus in Nairobi, it goes direct to Thika without picking up any passengers on the way.
    7. Drivers adhere to speed limits, and the vehicles are fitted with tracking devices for extra safety of passengers and goods.
    8. Alongside other giants like Molo-line, 2NK has earned a good reputation in Kenya’s shuttle business.


Picture/2NK Sacco Society Limited



30. Chania Genesis

    1. Chania Genesis is one of the Saccos which have in recent times heavily reinforced their fleet with new vehicles.
    2. Almost all vehicles from this Sacco strike as new, with comfort features inside.
    3. Chania Genesis operates between Mombasa, Nairobi, and Thika.
    4. The company conducts trips from Nairobi to Thika, as well as express services from Mombasa to Thika.
    5. You can board Chania Genesis vehicles at River Road Nairobi near the junction with Accra Road.


Picture/Chania Genesis Company



31. Chania Kibwezi Travellers Sacco

    1. Chania Kibwezi Sacco operates on the Nairobi Thika Machakos Kibwezi route.
    2. Chania Kibwezi Travellers Sacco matatus are found OTC area in Nairobi CBD.
    3. These matatus can drop off passengers on the following stages along Thika road:
      1. Roasters
      2. Roysambu
      3. Githurai
      4. K.U (Kenyatta University)
      5. Ruiru Ndani
    4. Chania Kibwezi Travellers Sacco matatus are mostly road-safety compliant on speed limits and other aspects.
    5. This makes it a relatively safe company to use for your Thika, Kibwezi, or Machakos trip.



32. Lothian Buses

    1. Lothian Buses are a sister company of Kenya Mpya (Neo Kenya)
    2. Like Kenya Mpya, these buses operate between Nairobi CBD and Thika town.
    3. Lothian buses can be boarded at River Road in Nairobi CBD.
    4. They also drop passengers at Juja and Ruiru on the way to Thika.
    5. With between KES 50 and 100 on average, Lothian buses take you directly to Thika town.
    6. The Lothian Thika buses draw from the Lothian Bus heritage in the United Kingdom, where the same brand name “Lothian” is big.


Picture/Neo Kenya Limited



33. NAKASKI Trans Sacco

    1. Nakaski Sacco matatus operate on the Nairobi-Kasarani-Mwiki route in Nairobi county.
    2. These buses can be picked up from Nairobi’s famous Bus Station on Racecourse Road, near Muthurwa market.
    3. Nakaski Sacco prides itself in providing cheap, safe, and comfortable travel to its clients.
    4. These buses drop passengers in the following destinations along Thika road;
      1. Ngara
      2. Pangani
      3. Muthaiga
      4. Roasters
      5. Allsops
      6. Homeland (Garden City)
      7. USIU (Safari Park)
      8. Thika Road Mall (TRM)
      9. Survey
      10. KCA university
      11. Roysambu
      12. Mwiki
      13. Kasarani


Picture/NAKASKI Trans Sacco


The list is not conclusive, the information is subject to regular updates. More details to follow.