Two scientists developing a smart toilet capable of detecting if you are sick

A smart toilet cover. [Photo/]

Two scientists are developing a smart toilet that will help you detect if you are sick.

The device is capable of detecting urinary tract infection, diabetes, kidney diseases, metabolic disorders and even before early symptoms kick in.

The smart toilet is currently in developmental phases and is being constructed by a team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison). The two scientists are Joshua Coon and Ian Miller.

However, despite the smart toilets offering physicians a better way to understand their patients, critics said the technology can also expose the patient’s personal health and lifestyle online hackers who may intercept the data.

The scientist argues that it will be easier to detect illness from an individual’s urine since it contains a virtual liquid history of an individual’s nutritional habits, exercise, medication use, sleep patterns and other lifestyle choices.

It also contains metabolic links to more than 600 human conditions, including some of the major killers such as cancer, diabetes and kidney disease.

Urinary metabolites will be analysed through a special machine known as gas chromatographs and mass spectrometers.

So far 110 samples have been analyzed over a 10 day period.

The scientists hope to provide the world with a finished within the next five years.