New Samsung Galaxy S23 Series – All You Need to Know

Samsung banks on the powerful Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform which is so far the fastest processor ever in Samsung's smartphone releases.


New Samsung Galaxy S23 Series – All You Need to Know


Samsung has unveiled a new Samsung Galaxy S23 Series, featuring its most premium smartphones yet.

Launched at an event in Sarit Center Nairobi, the S23 Series includes the Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra.

The smartphones boast improvements in processing speed and capabilities compared to their S22 predecessors.

Read on for details about the Galaxy S23 price, colors, processor, and camera features.


Galaxy S23 price in Kenya

    1. Samsung Galaxy S23 Series occupy the top end of Kenya’s smartphone price list.
    2. The Samsung Galaxy S23 256 GB smartphone costs KES 129,999.
    3. The Samsung Galaxy S23+ 256 GB smartphone costs KES 148,999.
    4. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 256/512 GB smartphone costs KES 187,999.
    5. Samsung currently ships the Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB device with the 256 GB price as an offer.



Samsung Galaxy S23 release date

The Galaxy S23 series was released on 1st February 2023 in Nairobi Kenya.



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Samsung Galaxy S23 accessories

    1. Accessories are devices that are not integral to the operation of a mobile smartphone as designed by the manufacturer.
    2. They help you take full advantage of your cell phone through additional functionalities such as expanded storage.
    3. The Galaxy S23 series supports the following accessories;
        1. An S Pen for Galaxy S23 Ultra
        2. Clear Gadget Case/Rugged Gadget Case/frame case
        3. Chargers
        4. Galaxy Buds
        5. Galaxy watch



Samsung Galaxy S23 series battery life

    1. Battery life is an important aspect as users frantically look for convenience.
    2. The S23 series gives you secure battery life with its formidable batteries.
    3. Galaxy S23 has a 3900mAh (typical) battery while the Galaxy S23+ has a 4700mAh (typical) battery.
    4. The S23 Ultra has a 5000mAh battery capacity.
    5. These phones do not break a sweat in keeping up with your daily demand.



Samsung Galaxy S23 colors

    1. Smartphone users fancy a stylish phone, appealing to the eyes with the right texture.
    2. Samsung Galaxy S23 series is designed in the following colors;
        1. Lavender
        2. Cream
        3. Phantom Black
        4.  Green
    3. It is slim and bold, with a smooth polished frame.






Samsung Galaxy S23 Series camera

    1. The Galaxy S23 front camera is the ultimate pitch for the Galaxy S23 Series as it is more powerful.
    2. The front camera has graduated from 10 to 12 Megapixels allowing you to take brighter, crisper low-light selfies and videos.
    3. This, however, does not discredit the Galaxy S22 series 10 MP front camera that is coveted by many for its ultra-clear selfies.
    4. The Galaxy S23, however, has an edge in night photography or video shooting because of its low-light adapted front camera.
    5. The rear main camera captures 50MP for high-resolution shots that have a high dynamic range.
    6. This means the camera can give you accurate distinctions between the brightest and darkest patches of an image.



Samsung Galaxy S23 Series chip (processor)

    1. Samsung is also banking on the powerful Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform to sell its Galaxy S23 devices.
    2.  Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform is so far the fastest processor ever in Samsung’s smartphone releases.
    3. It works spectacularly with the battery, display, and cameras to give you the ultimate gaming, viewing, and photography experience.



Samsung Galaxy S23 Series design

    1. The Galaxy S23 Series is designed and manufactured with climate change considerations.
    2. Recycled material makes up a bigger chunk of smartphones’ make.
    3. These recycled materials include;
        1. Recycled glass
        2. Recycled pet film
    4. These materials could have ended up as pollutants in the ocean.
    5. Samsung has, however, fabricated the materials into the smooth magnificent frames of the Galaxy S23 Series.






Does the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series include an S Pen?

Only the Galaxy S23 Ultra has an S Pen. The S23+ and S23 smartphone do not have S Pens.



Samsung Galaxy S23 Series display

    1. Whether you are watching a clip, reading, or playing a game, screen size is often one of your biggest concerns.
    2. The display area determines how much perspective you encounter, comfort, and ease of operating your phone.
    3. The Galaxy S23 Series are fitted with expansive screens for a sufficient display area.
    4. The S23 Ultra, S23+, and S23 have 6.8, 6.6, and 6.1-inch screen sizes respectively.
    5. All the devices have 1750 knits peak brightness allowing you to enjoy vivid outdoor visibility.
    6. In addition to their FHD+ and Edge Quad HD+ resolutions, the devices have a 120 Hz adaptive refresh rate in order to display smooth pictures on the screen.
    7. The S23 Ultra is particularly optimized for immersive gaming given its superior Edge Quad HD+ resolution (3088 x 1440 pixels).






Samsung Galaxy S23 Series internal storage and connectivity

    1. All devices in the Galaxy S23 series have 5G network connectivity that has super fast download and upload speed.
    2. The S23 has 128 and 256 GB internal storage smartphones.
    3. The S23+ has 256 GB and 512 GB internal storage smartphones.
    4. Galaxy S23 ultra has 256, 512 GB, and 1TB internal storage smartphones.


To cap off its utter superiority in the smartphone market the Galaxy S23 Series have an IP68 waterproof rating.