Noti Flow introduces new lover days after shaming Rapper Mustapha

Mustapha and Flow (PHOTO/INSTAGRAM)

Sensational musician Noti Flow has revealed her new catch.

In an Instagram post seen by Howto, the ex-lover to Kenya’s hard-hitting rapper Colonel Mustapha shared a photo while sunbathing alongside her new man.

She captioned the photo: “Don’t be afraid to catch feels.”

At the height of their breakup, Noti Flow and the former Deux Vulture’s member treated the online community to dramatic allegations to what led to their split.

The intrigues surrounding the split of the once love birds started with homosexuality revelations shared by rapper Trap King Chrome against Mustapha.

According to Chrome he revealed that the Mtaani dot com hitmaker was gay, and involved in an affair with an alleged lover. Allegations dispelled by Mustapha.

At the height of the then break up, Noti came to Mustapha’s defense refuting Chrome’s damning claims.

Cheating Claims

But it wouldn’t be too long for the She Don’t Know hitmaker to suddenly change tune reaffirming Chrome’s gay allegations pinned towards Mustapha, going as far as to even admit that the Hey Baby hitmaker was cohabiting with an alleged lover at his Nairobi residence.

“You guys @trapkingcrome was right. Mustafa is gay and he lives with his boyfriend in Utawala! Confirmed. wow Fake ass Muslim,” alleged Noti Flow in a series of posts through her Insta stories.

In response Mustapha termed the reports as baseless accusing the Kamatia hitmaker of cheating, claiming she was angry because he had dumped her.

“Noti Flow is bitter that I left her two months ago. And, I have valid reasons as to why I ended my relationship with her. I wouldn’t want to reveal much, but I can say she started seeing a white man behind my back. My mum came to know about it and advised me to be careful with her. It is unfortunate that she threw the religion card in her wild allegations, that is not fair at all,” he said.

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So, from damning homosexuality allegations to battering claims, the social media community could not get enough of the two.

Towards the end of last year, Noti revealed as to what might have led to her calling their relationship quits. In an interview with Pulse magazine, she said that she split up with Mustapha, “because he refused to show her where he lived. Adding that Mustapha was a parasite who depended on her for financial support.

“I was the one who was paying the bills all this entire time we were in a relationship. He has never given me a single cent. I asked him to show me where he lived just in case something happened but he refused. How do you keep in a relationship with a man whom you don’t know where he lives,” she said.

“We even recorded a song together using my cash and even got a gig during the NaiFest event where we ended not performing due to his stupidity,” she went on.

In response the Ayo hitmaker instead downplayed Flows alleged revelations saying:

“She is too jealous. She wanted us to spend the whole time doing nothing. I could not show her to my place as she dresses skimpily and Muslims can’t take that,” he said.