My son spoke for the first time after 4 years – Anthony Ndiema opens up

KTN presenter and radio Maisha’s host Anthony Ndiema has come out to share about his son’s long battle with speech impairment.

In a recent interview with Malezi Bora, Ndiema said that his son Joshua was unable to utter a single word from the time of birth until when he celebrated his fourth birthday. A move that forced the couple to seek medical attention.

“So interesting we have a parenting group, but tukikutana parenting watoi wengine wakifanya vitu Joshua hafanyi, one year, two years, three years Joshua haongei, so tunaambiwa maboys hutake time, by the time ilikua inaget four years, ilikuwa very alarming, anafanya vitu kama amejiisolate. So I decided to seek medical help, we went to about 7 doctors, you are told ufanye hearing test, so tulienda many places and I got very interesting reports. One of the reports was that we should start doing sign languages because huyo mtoto will never talk again,” he narrated.

But even though the journey proved difficult they did not lose hope. Being believers, they hoped, prayed and waited on God believing that everything would one day fall into place.

“Tukaanza kumpeleka therapy and kumuombea pia. By faith tukasema atakuwa orator mnaona huko mbele. So we did our part and we said let God do his part, three weeks after that Joshua had not said anything,”

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“One Saturday morning we were sleeping, Joshua akakimbia kwa room yetu kama saa moja unusu hivi, akasema Daddy! Ala hiyo imetokea wapi? Akasema kama words kama saba zimefutana, wife wangu alikuwa so overwhelmed, it was a very overwhelming moment because we had never heard Joshua speak. So that was the beginning of a new phase for him, tuka enhance therapy for him akakuwa better day by day and sai we can have a conversation with him,” an elated Ndiema recalled.

Ndiema who says the experience was a changing factor in their lives, a testimony on its own, in the same interview he went ahead to share how it all started.

He said that three weeks before his wife’s due date,she had started complaining of persistent pains. He (Ndiema then rushed her to hospital, where it was discovered she was suffering from placental abruption- a condition that occurs when the placenta detaches from the uterus.

And therefore, as a result of the condition their son was unable to get enough oxygen in the womb, hence it affected him.

“The small guy inside was losing out on oxygen fast and there was internal bleeding.”