Mwanaisha Chidzuga to make a comeback on screen after exiting K24

TV Queen Mwanaisha Chidzuga (PHOTO/INSTAGRAM)

Former K24 news anchor Mwanaisha Chidzuga is set to make a comeback to the screens with a brand new show after being fired form K24.

The celebrated TV girl who was shown the door from the Kijabe street-based offices will be hosting Dada2DadaUncensored show. A show that seeks to focus on women empowerment as well as educate, inspire and empower modern girls in their everyday life.

Chidzuga revealed this on her Instagram page while celebrating her 37th birthday.

“Boom! To the ladies who are Gutsy, Fearless, Achievers, Leading women, Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. The Passionate one. The one who inspires and motivates the one who believes in love or just given up on love. Je jasiri au mjasiriamali? Wewe ni #Dada2DadaUncensored Lets talk, Lets empower and inspire, Lets mentor and motivate, Lets smile and share a tear then pick our self-up and thrive . I am You Mwanamke Kujiamini dada, Do we really need fixing or do we need to fix someone? The truth yes but can you handle the truth? Join the honest conversation as we tell it as it is.” Read the post.

After her recent exit from K24, she had disclosed that she was going to fully focus on building her events and catering business.