LIVE UPDATES: MP Ndindi Nyoro in trouble

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro. [Photo/Daily Nation]

LIVE UPDATES: MP Ndindi Nyoro in trouble

Sunday evening has turned out to be a dramatic one for Kenyans after police officers parked outside Citizen TV headquarter allegedly planning to arrest Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro.

Ndindi was attending a talk show on Citizen TV sister station Inooro TV.

The Kiharu is to be arrested allegedly assaulting a police officer earlier on Sunday at Gitui Catholic Church.

A police vehicle parked outside Citizen TV.

Ndindi is in the company of Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungwa, Kandara MP Alice Wahome and Dagorreti South MP John Kiarie.

They have all promised to keep Ndindi company and said they are not moving out of the station’s VIP lounge.

“We are friends of Ndindi Nyoro. The state cannot be seen to be working to fight those elected by the people of Kenya. As his friends, we will stand with him. Kama ni kulala kwa bench tutalala kwa bench,” said Kiarie.

“No amount of intimidation will deter us from taking the positions that we have taken. We will spend the night here with Ndindi Nyoro,” added Ichungwa.

“Ndindi will sleep here (at Royal Media Services Ltd). If the police need him, we will present him tomorrow in broad daylight. We will not present him to people we do not know,” said Alice Wahome.

“Why is Ndindi being sought after at night? He is not criminal This kind of games will not work. The constitution allows us freedom of speech and movement.” Wahome added.

Mr Ndindi has vowed to stay put as the stand-off ensues.

“Siwezi kujipeleka nje ya kampuni ya Royal Media Services kwa sababu sijui kama wanaoningojea ni polisi. Mimi nalala hapa kwa kiti kwenye Royal Media Services,” Ndindi Nyoro.

Top Jubilee leaders and Kenyans have taken to social media to assert their support while others are castigating the embattled Kiharu MP.

According to Kandara MP Alice Wahome, there are two sets of laws specifying that arrest of VIPs especially MPs like Ndindi Nyoro it requires that the Speaker and Clerk to the National Assembly are informed; She alleges likely assassination of Mr Nyoro and herself.

A few minutes to midnight, he is said to have sneaked out.

11:15 am: Kiharu residents defend their MP.

In Murang’ followers and supporters of MP Ndindi Nyoro have come out to support their lawmaker.

“We respect our MP but the incident that happen at Getui on Sunday sincerely Maina Kamanda came with other motives and not the Harambee. I know they have been looking for ways to push Nyoro into their Kieleweke team,” Kamau Muthueta.

“The MCAs were paid by Maina Kamanda to soil Ndindi Nyoro’s name. We want the police to know that if Nyoro is arrested they should have big prison cells where we should be locked with him,” he added.

“Kamanda thinks because we are villagers he can manipulate us he is at an expitory date. Again we want Kenyans to know that we support what Uhuru told us in 2017, he will rule for 10 years and his Deputy will take over. Let the Kieleweke team know we are not conmen,” said Johnson Maina.