Firebrand protestor Kasmuel Mcoure clashes with medics at Nairobi CBD

In a viral social media video, Mr. Mcoure is seen in an altercation with a medic for allegedly exposing injured protestors to tear gas.

Firebrand protestor Kasmuel Mcoure clashes with medics at Nairobi CBD. Kasmuel Mcoure addresses a gathering. Picture/X
Kasmuel Mcoure addresses a gathering. Picture/X

Firebrand protestor Kasmuel Mcoure clashes with medics at Nairobi CBD


Key takeaways

    1. Kasmuel Mcoure is a young Kenyan digital content creator, musician, political, and fashion enthusiast.
    2. A former student at Alliance High School (Class of 2014) Mcoure recently gained prominence in the ongoing protests.
    3. Clad in sharp vintage suits, dark glasses, and sporting a flywhisk, Mcoure easily stood out from fellow protestors.
    4. In a viral social media video, Mr. Mcoure is seen in an altercation with a medic for allegedly exposing injured protestors to tear gas.



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Who is Kasmuel Macoure?

As Kenya’s anti-regime protests hit high gear, Mcoure was among the standout figures.

Alongside big-time influencers like Hanifa Adan, the Alliance high school alumnus rallied young Kenyans to reject what is believed to be a punitive Finance Bill 2024 legislation.

His fiery addresses to the media and fellow protestors mirror those of eminent Kenyan politicians, garnering considerable attention, particularly on social media.

A section of users already liken the young charismatic protester to Kenyan greats such as Tom Mboya.

“I will tell my kids I was with Tom Mboya regen Kasmuel McOure,” writes popular tweep Drey Mwangi on X.



Kasmuel Mcoure addresses a gathering. Picture/X



Kasmuel Mcoure’s address in town interrupted


One of his addresses in town was momentarily interrupted when a female medic approached the gathering asking them to leave the area.

According to the medic, any gathering of people inside the city center would attract tear gas canisters from the police, who were working to disperse any crowds.

The medic called for them to disperse supposedly to protect the injured from possible tear gas attacks as they received treatment.

Kasmuel and his group, however, were not keen to comply with the request. Kasmuel in particular was not amused by what he believed to be an impolite interruption of his speech.

An angry verbal confrontation followed as members of Mcoure’s entourage accused the doctor of having been paid by the state to diffuse protests.

Another person from the crowd retorted: “You do not own this place, you cannot just come up and chase us from here!”

As the altercation died down, Mcoure’s group could be heard requesting for 2 more minutes before they could vacate the area.

The group would later move to a spot a bit further from Jamia Mosque, which has since been designated as a first aid station for injured protestors.



Kasmuel Mcoure engages a medic during anti-government protests in Nairobi city center. Picture/Courtesy



The altercation has caused ripples on social media as users pitch in their views on the incident.

According to some users, Kasmuel had no justification for harassing a medic merely to advance his political antics.

“Why would Kasmuel Mcoure an Alumni from Alliance would Harass a Medic on duty? This is Unacceptable!” posed popular X bigwig Omwamba.

Others went on to accuse him of orchestrating his abduction which recently rocked the internet.


Kasmuel Mcoure’s abduction

Kasmuel Mcoure recently found himself in the hands of authorities after he was allegedly abducted for mobilizing the now-famous Gen Z protestors.

His was one of the suspicious disappearances of perceived mobilizers and focal points of the protests.

Other top influencers and opinion leaders who were arrested and abducted include:

    1. Ernest Nyerere – Chief of Staff to LSK President
    2. Activist Hanifa Adan
    3. Twitter (X) bigwig Gabriel Oguda
    4. Twitter (X) bigwig Drey Mwangi
    5. City banker Shad Khalif
    6. Twitter (X) bigwig Osama Otero


Kenyan on X strongwoman Honeyfarsafi placed under arrest by police. Picture/Courtesy



Mcoure’s abduction took netizens by storm, prompting the Alliance Old Boys’ Club to plead with the public for assistance in his tracing.

Kasmuel would later surface with a series of posts documenting his ordeal in the hands of his abductors.

According to Kasmuel, he was harassed and later trailed by plainclothes police officers to All Saints Cathedral before being snatched in Karen.

He was then held incommunicado on frivolous charges that included disrupting police briefings.

While detained, Mcoure claims he was interrogated about alleged financial backers of the protests and other related matters.

He would later be dumped out of police custody in Lang’ata and threatened that his captors would later ‘check on him.’



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Amid ongoing anti-regime protests in Kenya, young Kenyans (Gen Z) increasingly express their previously overlooked interest in politics.

39 people, however, remain unaccounted for as law enforcement and protestors clash in different locations countrywide.