How to use the KEMSA e_mobile/LMIS system

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KEMSA eMobile/LMIS System

This initiative is in partnership with one of the Ministry of Health Authorities, Kenya Medical Supply Authority (KEMSA). mHealth Kenya developed a mobile and web-based system that is integrated to the Logistics Management Information System (LMIS). The KEMSA eMobile/LMIS system is a commodity management application implemented in 47 counties in Kenya. The system allows counties and facilities to order commodities and supplies directly from KEMSA, as well as track their order status until they are delivered to the facilities. The electronic real time monitoring of orders and commodities is supposed to help improve turnaround time of ordering and delivery of commodities. The commodity dispensing system which is the last module of this system and yet to be implemented will enable real time monitoring of stocks and providing the counties and KEMSA real time stock levels and information with the goal of preventing stock outs.


Improve on the comprehensive functionality of the system, scaling up to cover the county government structure and capacity building.


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