How to back up your house with different Power Back ups

How to back up your house with different Power Back ups
How to back up your house with different Power Back ups

How to back up your house with different Power Backups

In Kenya, power generation is mainly a preserve of KenGen.KenGen runs hydroelectric, wind and geothermal power stations across the country. Other small suppliers like Mumias Sugar also supply power to the national grid.

Hydroelectric generation remains the main source of power in Kenya and low rain seasons usually come with power rationing. The rainy season also comes with challenges, especially on the distribution side. Power lines are sometimes destroyed by heavy rains, falling trees or system failures.

Rain or shine, Kenya households, and businesses experience power blackouts or rationing. Businesses that require power (electricity) for operations have to seek an alternative energy source to remain competitive.

Diesel powered generators

These have been with us for long, and there has been an advancement in this technology with the introduction of silent models. The downside of generators is the extra cost of fuel, service and spare parts.

Power back up

This is can be done by replacing your desktop computers with laptops that can run for about 2 hours without charging. Another alternative is to have a UPS like APC or Digitek.

Inverter chargers

This is a power back up system that backs up the grid power. On power failure, the backup power Inverters quietly and instantly power computers, TV, VCR, refrigerator, lights and most electronics for as long as you need. As soon as the grid power comes back, the system recharges for the next blackout. All is happening without you even noticing – whether in the office in front of your computer or at home in front of your TV. There is no better, more cost-effective solution for all your power problems such as recurrent power failures, power fluctuations, etc.

Advantages of backup power inverters

  1. Unlike generators they can be installed indoor, they require no fuel, no maintenance and no spare parts with little service cost.
  2. You will now do new wiring of your home or office. The power is backed up at the main switch.
  3. Instantaneous and automatic changeover when the mains power fails which is especially beneficial when used with electronic equipment such as computers and TV’s
  4. Totally silent and non-polluting operation which particularly suits homes, offices and schools
  5. You can get 660W to 6000W

Solar power 

With the advancement in the alternative energy sector, Kenya’s have a wide variety of solar products for use at work or at home.  The choice of solar products depends on your energy requirements and how much you can pay upfront for the installation.

Wind power generators 

Using wind turbines for power generation is ideal in remote areas for lighting, water pumping, telecom, and general power requirements.