How to activate roaming on Safaricom

Before you travel ensure that roaming is activated on your line by simply dialling 200 for free or visit any Safaricom Retail Centre.

You will then be able to make and receive calls as well as SMS

How to make calls and send SMS while roaming overseas

You can call any destination within the country you are visiting by simply dialling the relevant area code and number.

To call home (Kenya): Dial + 254 followed by the desired number, e.g., for Safaricom mobile, dial +254 7xx xxxxxx, and for Nairobi landline, dial +254 20 xxxxxx.

To call other countries, simply dial + country code, area code, number, e.g., to call UK, dial + 4477 xxxxxxxxx.

To send SMS to Kenya or to an international number, type your message and send to the number as above.

How to control cost on Roaming

To get maximum benefit from Safaricom Roaming service at a cost you are comfortable with, use Call Diverting or SMS.

East African Roaming

No need of buying a new line when travelling out of Kenya.

You no longer have to worry about staying out of touch thanks to the new East African roaming rates covering Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan. Roam with your Safaricom line when in these three countries and enjoy calling at only KSHs.10.

International Roaming

We know that you like staying connected regardless of what art of the earth you are in. That is why we have designed this service that enables you to make and receive calls as you traverse the world. Explore our international calling and roaming rates to find out how you can continue using your Safaricom line uninterrupted worldwide.

With our negotiated bi-lateral roaming agreements with GSM operators in most of the popular international destinations, you can be sure that we offer you competitive roaming rates that consider your business and tourism interest.

Roaming Hints and tips:
  • If on PrePay, take extra scratch cards with you for easy airtime top-up/recharge anytime.
  • Don’t forget to pack your mobile phone charger and a travel plug adaptor.
  • Write down your Voicemail password so that you can access your messages while away.
  • Remember you could dial 112 for Emergency Services from any destination for FREE.

International Calling Voice Bundles

You can now subscribe to international voice bundles for PostPay and PrePay. Call from Kenya to Zone 1 countries i.e. USA/Canada, India and China at a reduced rate of Ksh. 2.50/-. Just dial *100# for Prepay subscribers and *200# for PostPay subscribers.

International calling voice bundles features include:

  • Not migrating or changing your tariff to enjoy the calling rate.
  • The international call bundle rates are only valid for calls initiated in Kenya.
  • Per second billing applies.
  • The international call rates apply all day every day.
  • You can call the same destination as many times as possible.
  • Promotional or free money account, e.g. Bonga Points redeemed as minutes may not be used to make international calls.
  • You may use Okoa Jahazi airtime advance to call.
  • The international call rates are not applicable to VoIP calls.

The rates are as below. Enjoy connecting to the world with Safaricom.

Bundle Value Rate per Minute Minutes Bonga Points Validity Days
KSHs.50 KSHs.2.50 20 Min 5 Points 7
KSHs.100 KSHs.2.50 40 Min 10 Points 15
KSHs.250 KSHs.2.50 100 Min 25 Points 21
KSHs.500 KSHs.2.50 200 Min 50 Points 30