Former Churchill Show comedian ‘David the student’ mourns Mum

David Kagongo famously known as David the student (PHOTO/INSTAGRAM)

Former Churchill show comedian David Kagongo famously known as David the student has lost his mum.

Taking to his social media pages Friday, David celebrated his mother saying she was a remarkable woman who played a big role in his life.

“Rest in peace Mom. I love you so much and I will forever! Nobody or nothing ever prepares someone for this. . .still feels like a dream and I want to wake up and I want it to be a horrible dream!” he said.

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He added that he thanked God for the years he spent with her, revealing that he had big plans he wanted to share with his now depatred mother.

“But sadly this is life, and you have gone to be with the Lord. Just a month ago I called my sister and was telling her of plans to buy land and build a beautiful home for you mom, why you?”

The former Churchill show comedian who moved to the States, a year ago made headlines all for the wrong reasons.

The comedian’s late mum

According to reports, several Kenyan’s came out to accuse the young creative of allegedly defrauding them.