Catherine Kamau’s message to husband Phil on second wedding anniversary

Kate the actress and husband Phil PHOTO/COURTESY

Catherine Kamua alias Kate Actress recently celebrated their wedding anniversary with husband Philip Karanja.

Taking to Instagram, Kate could not hide her joy as she showered her husband with warm messages of love.

“I am really thankful that we got to be friends first, you got to see and know the real me, and you still chose me with all my flaws, my strengths, and my madness! Thank you for being an amazing partner, my closest friend, my sanity, my safe haven.” She said.

In another post the former mother in law actress goes on to thank fans, as she issues marriage advice to them.

“Thank you all for the beautiful messages and wishes. Ours is a very normal relationship, I keep saying couple goals ‘manyoya’ because marriage is work and it’s a journey. Treasure and nourish yours, don’t envy others especially here on social media.”

“Sis, yours could be way too better and awesome! The only difference is, most of our lives and careers are in the public eye otherwise ndoa ni ile ile highs and lows. But it feels super amazing to have someone to go through life wit, it’s a blessing from God actually. That been said, may God bless you and your peeps.” She went on to add.