How to send money into your I&M Bank via PesaLink.

ATM card via PesaLink.
ATM card via PesaLink.

How to send money into your I&M Bank via PesaLink.

PesaLink enables you to send money from your account to;

    1. A bank account in another bank,
    2. To a PesaLink registered mobile number
    3. To a Card number.

The recipient gets funds in real time. Both sender and receiver get SMS notification upon successful transaction.
Currently, you can send funds via PesaLink service using the following channels;

  1. Using I&M Mobile App, login into the main page and select PesaLink and follow instructions to proceed.
  2. Using USSD short code *458# and Select No.4 PesaLink option and follow instructions to proceed.
  3. Visit any I&M Bank Branch and give transfer instructions by completing “PesaLink Send To Form”

Receiving Funds

You can receive funds into your I&M Bank account by either giving the sender your I&M Account number or giving your mobile number that is registered with us for PesaLink. See the registration process below.

Charges (Excluding Excise Duty)

PesaLink transactions will be charged as per tariff below.

Transaction Charges
Receiving funds from other Banks Free
 Transfer of amounts between Kes 10-500  Free
 Transfer of amounts between Kes 501 -999,999
( Through Branch and I&M Mobile*)* I&M Mobile limits apply
 Kes 40

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