How to access NIC Online Banking

NIC Online Banking
NIC Online Banking

How to access NIC Online Banking

Go to, then click on Retail (for Password users) or Corporate (for token users) to log in

How do you log into NIC Online Banking?

For personal/retail customers, you are required to  type in your; User ID: Password: For corporate customers, you are required to type in your; User ID: OTP (One Time Password ) generated by the token

What is a token? This is a Pocket-sized authentication token that allows corporate customers to access NIC Online.T he token generates random codes that you use to log –into NIC Online. It does not hold any personal or financial information about the user. The token is necessary for enhanced online banking security.

How do you use the token?

  1. Switch on the token by pressing the OK button.
  2. Enter Static Pin No. 1254 
  3. Enter NEW PIN of your choice and confirm. (4 Digits)
  4. Press the OK button
  5. When you get a response e.g. 09210101 type the response in the OTP part of the corporate bank’s login page
  6. Click Sign On in the system to gain access.


Capabilities of NIC Online

  1. It is built on a highly secure system
  2. It has functionalities such as the use of beneficiary to make payments.
  3. You can request letters of credit for corporate users as well as SWEEPS
  4. Corporate customers can conduct Bulk Mpesa payments

What type of payments can you make via NIC Online?

i.) Inter-account transfers – between your accounts in NIC Bank (Uganda, Tanzania or Kenya )

ii.) Internal Transfers – paying a third party within NIC bank

iii.) Mobile Money Transfer Service (MMTS) – Paying directly into a mobile phone e.g. sending out M-Pesa

iv.) Domestic EFT – this is a Kenya Shilling Payment to another bank

v.) Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS ) transfers – This is the same day transfer to another bank in any currency

vi.) International transfers – These are payments out of Kenya in foreign currencies

vii.) Bill payments – these are payments for Credit Cards, Petty cash and major billers some of which have to be introduced in due course.

viii.) Standing Orders are also available on a separate module for retail customers


What is the cost of accessing Online Banking?

NIC Bank has waived the cost of joining as well as viewing statements and balance inquiries.

They only charge a transactional fee when you make transfers. The tariff for the charges on transfers is available on under Downloads>> Online Tariffs.