How to use the Fixed connectivity services and broadband services from Airtel

How to use the Fixed connectivity services and broadband services from Airtel
How to use the Fixed connectivity services and broadband services from Airtel

How to use the Fixed connectivity services and broadband services from Airtel

Fixed connectivity services

Toll-free services

Give your customers free access to you.

Airtel offers both local and international Toll-free (0800) services for your potential customers with a free and convenient way to contact your business and increase your brand loyalty.


Get Airtel toll free services

With a single number across and beyond Kenya from airtel toll free service, your customers can call to query or place an order for assistance without worrying about call charges.

This allows you to respond to your customers’ needs effectively and manage their calls efficiently thus improving your company’s image.


Features / Benefits

  1. Customize an easy-to-recall number, and route incoming calls to different departments in your organization.
  2. Reliable coverage with a single number.
  3. Offer privileged customer service 24*7.
  4. Makes it easier to measure the effectiveness of a marketing brand.
  5. Improves customer service and satisfaction.
  6. Corporate and medium sized businesses can,  therefore, use toll-free numbers in connection with sales and marketing  efforts.
  7. Availability of special numbers for customers to easily remember.
  8. Toll-free numbers can be displayed on corporate marketing  communications materials (e.g. adverts, billboards, websites, etc).



Airtel have 50+ MPLS POPs across Africa and 135+ across the world to deliver data services outside Africa.

Airtel has setup a very robust IP/MPLS backbone network for provisioning services that extends MPLS all the way to the customer premises.

Their MPLS Network is expansive and are able to connect businesses in different offices, internally and nationally.

This solution allows your business to easily share data with its branches in a secured way.

This is mainly well suited for use in corporate Wide Area Networks.



    1. Scalability – ease of expanding capacity and locations.
    2. High Availability.
    3. Security – encrypted transmission of information.
    4. Cost – cheaper to implement.

Traffic shaping – prioritizing certain traffic using quality of service.


Leased Lines

Airtel offers secured, resilient national branch to branch connectivity with acceptable service level assurance on service availability.

Point to Point connects: Airtel provides reliable connectivity for locally dispersed locations within Kenya with secured speed and quality.

International leased Private lines (IPLC): Their International private circuits allows international branch to branch reliable connectivity through their interconnection to multiple submarine cables and connectivity across Africa and the rest of the world.

This allows dedicated communications with best performance and guaranteed bandwidth at any given time. This solution ensures an efficient, reliable, guaranteed, efficient communication in order to best protect your business information.


Dedicated Internet

They have a high speed, scalable, bulk capacity solution with a high redundancy over IP/MPLS infrastructure.

A stated amount of bandwidth purchased is carved out and dedicated for your use.

This is a dedicated internet with symmetric bandwidth which performs consistently day in and day out, and has guaranteed minimum uptime.



  1. Proactive remote internet link monitoring 24/7 to ensure stability and availability.
  2. Their industry-leading service level agreements ensure optimal network performance and availability for your mission-critical business operations which enable you to boost IT performance, bolster experience and resilience, enhance security and enhance centralized business applications.
  3. Their backbone networks are protected through three submarine undersea cables ensuring reliability and redundancy.
  4. For businesses that demand greater bandwidth availability, they offer protected connectivity between your LAN and the Internet for Dedicated Internet Access.


Corporate Switchboard

This is a landline solution, so you can connect your PABX/IPBX to Airtel network with unlimited outbound and inbound calls.

E1 Switchboard Features and Benefits

  1. Single number for inbound calling with Direct Connect.
  2. Direct Dialing Inward service: whereby calls can be directed directly to the client‚ PBX extensions.
  3. Branch networking.
  4. Call hunting, Call Forwarding, Call Forwarding, Call Restriction Voice mail.
  5. Direct Inward Dialing.
  6. Scalability on demand basis increase lines easily.
  7. Clear and consistent switchboard lines.
  8. Infrastructure- Mobile lines are immune to vandalism.
  9. The service supports 30 simultaneous outbound and inbound calls.
  10. Scalable- with different technologies.
  11. Easy to maintain (only one connection) vs, several cellular terminals.
  12. Can integrate regional offices on extension dialing.


APN Solution

They have a secured gateway network for connection between a GPRS/3G mobile network and a computer network over the internet.

Staffs in an organization and business clients can connect to the workstation infrastructure simply and securely through a range of devices such as smartphones, routers and modems.

The secured connection also ensures that businesses are able to control costs by limiting what the SIM cards can access.



  1. Cost Effective.
  2. Secured – remote staffs can connect and work efficiently.
  3. Communication on this local area network confidential.

Broadband services

Unlimited Data

Get your Famiy and Employees enjoying our Airtel broadband for both home and office use.


  1. Unlimited internet
  2. Free Wi-Fi router
  3. Free telephone line
  4. Most affordable rate