How to Submit Content to Viusasa Via Email


How To Submit Content to Viusasa Via Email


Viusasa is a subscription video on demand service accessible through the Viusasa app. The service offers video, music and live TV channels.

Viusasa currently offers short-form video entertainment and information content, music videos and audio and TV content in English, Swahili and vernacular languages.

The main aim is to grow and foster local production.

Viusasa offers opportunities for local content producers to showcase and earn money from their content.

Viusasa as a brand is owned by CAL (Content Aggregation Limited). As a content and/or music producer, you can benefit greatly by becoming one of their content partners. They will distribute, promote and monetize your content on your behalf and you will earn royalties.

Viusasa sources and aggregates local short-form (2 to 10 minute) audio-visual content in Swahili, vernacular and English for their VOD (Video on Demand) service available predominantly via mobile phones.

To submit your content on Viusasa, forward your video content to

Once your content is successful, they will contact you with a way forward.