How to send money into your Paramount Bank via PesaLink.

Paramount Bank via PesaLink.
Paramount Bank via PesaLink.

How to send money into your Paramount Bank via PesaLink.

Pesalink is a new interbank service that enables you to transfer funds from one bank account to another bank account in real time available 24/7.

Pesalink service is currently available on the Paramount Mobile app only.

You can send** or receive as little as Ksh. 10/- up to Ksh. 999,999/- instantly.


Enables you to conveniently send money directly to the recipient’s bank account within seconds. It’s safe, saves you money and time as the transaction is instant.


How to use:

  1. Link your Phone: Select PESALINK from your Paramount Mobile app and link your Paramount Bank’s accounts with your mobile number. Linking is free of charge.
  2. Send To Phone: Select PESALINK menu followed by send to phone enter the phone number (receiver’s phone number must be linked) and follow the easy steps.
  3. Send To Account: enables you to enter the account number of the receiver and select the bank of the receiver your sending funds to.
  4. Send To Card: enter the Card number your sending funds to. Ensure the receiver bank is able to receive funds to the card.

Our Charges:

  1. You can receive Pesalink transactions for free.
  2. Their charges for Sending Pesalink transactions

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