How to Repay PesaZone Loan

How to Repay PesaZone Loan
How to Repay PesaZone Loan

How to repay PesaZone Loan 

About PesaZone

They are an online lender providing unsecured loans on a 24 hours 7 days a week basis.

PesaZone helps trustworthy individuals who are in need of quick loans.

PesaZone is operated by PesaPro Limited, a limited liability company registered in Kenya under the companies act. They are not a deposit-taking institution

How to repay PesaZone Loan 

You’ll use PesaZone Paybill Number 754285 registered as PesaPro Limited
  1. Go to Mpesa menu 
  2. Select Paybill 
  3. Enter business number 754285 (PesaPro Limited)
  4. Account number is your phone number (the number verified by PesaZone)
  5. Amount (here enter the loan to repay)
  6. Enter Mpesa PIN 
  7. Confirm 
  8. Submit 
Repayment period is 1 week for a smaller loan and increases with larger loans. If you wish to use a different Mpesa account to repay the loan, then you should always input (write) your PesaZone verified Safaricom number as the Account number. This allows you to even ask a friend or relative to pay PesaZone Loan for you.

How to Contact PesaZone Customer care 

There are no numbers to call at the moment. Kindy use the contacts given here;
  1. Use the in-app chat (Check top right-hand corner for the message icon and click on it)
  2. Email to;

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