How to register Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) in Kenya

About Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) 

The Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) is a State Corporation under the Office of the Attorney General & the Department of Justice. It was established by section 3 of the Copyright Act 2001 and mandated with the administration and enforcement of copyright and related rights. The Board is responsible for organizing legislation on copyright and related rights; conducting training programmes on copyright and related rights; enlightening and informing the public on matters related to copyright; licensing and supervising the activities of collective management societies; and maintaining an effective databank on authors and their works.

There are four experts on copyright and related rights and five members who are alternates to the Attorney General, (Police Inspector General), Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Information, Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Sports, Culture and Arts, and the Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Finance.

The Kenya Copyright Board registers copyright works of musical, audiovisual, literary and artistic nature. 

  1. The work must be of original authorship.
  2. The work  should also be in a tangible format, including digital format
  3. Two copies of the work should be submitted with the application form
  4. The application forms should be duly filled and commissioned by a Commissioner for Oaths.
  5. The application form should be submitted with a registration fee of Ksh1000 per work.  (The payment should be made at the Kenya Commercial Bank and the deposit slip remitted to KECOBO.)
  6. A Certificate shall be issued where the application is successful.

Steps for Copyright Registration in Kenya

The steps for registration of copyright are as follows:

 1.  Access the online  copyright registration portal via KECOBO website i.e then select e-copyright Registration’ section on the website 

 2.  If you have never registered copyrights works with KECOBO before, create an account from the login screen. Otherwise, use your user name and password tologin into the registration portal.

3. Apply for your copyright from the ‘Register Copyright ‘ link available after you have logged in into the registration portal

 4. Complete the 9 steps by filling in the appropriate details. Side notes will prove very helpful as you do your copyright application. You may also refer to the detailed step-by-step manual available at;
category/6-copyright-registration.html and or from the online registration portal

5. Make sure you attach your copyright works in step 8 of 9. In case you cannot attach your copyright works due to its nature e.g. large size, you will need to print out your CR1 Form available on step 9 of 9 after you submit your application, and deliver the said work together with the printed form to KECOBO offices.

6. Make sure you include the correct payment reference on step 9 of 9 in case you paid via Mpesa

 7. You will receive a provisional copyright registration certificate once your application is successful in your email.  Hard copy certificate are available at KECOBO offices.