How To Register a Car Number Plate in Kenya

How To Register a Car Number Plate in Kenya
How To Register a Car Number Plate in Kenya

How To Register a Car Number Plate in Kenya

All vehicles operating in Kenya need to be registered to be allowed on the road. For a while, car registration has been reserved to brokers and has been considered very tasking. By some luck, though things seem to be taking on a new shape and in less than five days you should have your plate ready.

The Kenya revenue authority under the Road transport departments handles vehicle registration in Kenya. The registration and licensing of vehicles is the exclusive task of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.

One can register five types of vehicular number plates in Kenya. They range from a civilian, diplomatic, local authority, parastatals and GK. This article will concentrate on the civilian plates those that come with yellow plates in the rear and white plates in the front.

The things you require to register a vehicle.

  1. Certified copy of national identity card of vehicle owner or valid Passport.
  2. Personal Identification Certificate Number (PIN) card
  3. Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
  4. Import Declaration Form (IDF)
  5. Duty and VAT receipts
  6. Import entry form (Form 63)
  7. Foreign log book translated into English
  8. Clean Report of Findings (CRF)
  9. Port Release Order
  10. Authority to enter goods for home use from the Commissioner of Customs & Excise
  11. Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) if the vehicle is for commercial use.
  12. Foreign Vehicle Receipt/License
  13. A temporary Importation Document (Form C44A or C44)
  14. Road manifest or Carnet de Passages in the case of vehicles imported by road
  15. A dully filled Form “A” personally signed by the Importer.
  16. Insurance cover

Once loaded with the listed items above you need to find your way to Times Towers location where vehicle registration in done.

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