How to play MegaDollar Lottery Kenya

Megadollar Lottery has Mega Jackpot draws from which you can millions of shillings.

How to play MegaDollar Lottery Kenya

MegaDollar Lottery is licensed by BCLB (Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya) under the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act, Cap 131, Laws of Kenya under License Number: 1139.

How to play MEGA JACKPOT


1. Deposit to Paybill 295888

    1. To play any game in MegaDollar, you need to Deposit Ksh. 50/- or more to MPESA Paybill 295888 Account MEGA.
    2. With 50/-, you have 5 tickets with a minimum of 10/- per ticket.



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2. Pick your Numbers

On SMS: 

    1. You can let the system automatically select the 10 lucky numbers for you by sending the word AUTO to 29588.
    2. Selection less than 10 numbers in SMS
    3. You can also select less than 10 numbers by sending:AUTO#AMOUNT#NOs Eg, AUTO#20#5 – A ticket with a stake of 20 with 5 spots/lucky numbers will be selected


On Web: 

    1. Visit the Megadollar Lottery Kenya website. 
    2. Select your TEN UNIQUE numbers from a pool of 1-80.
    3. Then review the stake and place your ticket. You will be sent your ticket details via SMS.



3. Wait for the Draw

    1. Wait for 4 minutes for the draw to happen.
    2. Check your tickets on the My Tickets page to confirm if your ticket won.

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