How to Play from M-Bet Wallet

How to Play from M-Bet Wallet
How to Play from M-Bet Wallet

How to Play from M-Bet Wallet

About M-Bet

M-BET is a company incorporated under the laws of Kenya and licensed by the Gaming Board of Kenya, for the purpose of conveniently providing – making available with easy access and interaction to Mobile Betting services to the entire country via Mobile Networks and Electronic Wallet services.

Introducing the first of its kind innovated and original concept of offering Sports Betting (Football) via a stable and established Electronic Wallet system network in Kenya and East Africa. This concept has proven to be the trend for substantial revenue growth and potential in the International Gaming Industry today.

M-BET will be offering a Sports Betting service that covers all Major Football Leagues’ to ensure the availability of an extensive variety to our clients, with the added value of the ease of payments and collections to our clients.

M-BET has strategically designed a technical platform on which transactions would be calculated and verified to communicate to the Mobile Networks systems, and in turn ensure a smooth and accurate transaction due the fully automated and tested systems.

How to Play from M-Bet Wallet

  1. Go to Register.
  2. Create your wallet/account filling the form.
  3. Click Register.
  4. Make a deposit in your wallet.
  5. Select the best odds in the fixtures from your favorite teams.
  6. Put a stake in your ticket and click Pay ticket.
  7. Your bet is made and paid.