How to Open a Shop Online (Kilimall Kenya)

Open a Shop Online (Kilimall Kenya)

How to Open a Shop Online (Kilimall Kenya)

Kilimall is the first online mall in Kenya and No. 1 in Africa. It provides an online and more efficient low cost of sales channel to Africa markets.

It allows local and regional sellers to open up shops on a single platform. The One-stop services provided by Kilimall include trading, warehousing, logistics, payment, brands, and marketing for sellers.

Kilimall currently operates in three countries i.e KenyaUganda, and Nigeria. The three sites operate independently and merchants are advised to register and upload their products separately.

How to Open a Shop on Kilimall Kenya

Before applying for Kilimall shop, be sure to read the basic Regulations pertaining to product information and shop management here

Seller Charges for Opening and operating shop

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Deposit and Storage Charges

At present deposit and storage charges are free.

Commission and other charges

For overseas sellers

Commissions – Different categories ranging from 5%-15%, please refer to the seller’s background (Shop – Shop Information) or “Kilimall Category Commission List”
Tax: 5%, collected by the Kilimall;
Commission: 3.5%, collected by Kilim

For local sellers

Commission: Different categories ranging from 5%-15%, please refer to the Seller Center (Shop – Shop Information) or “Kilimall Category Commission List”
Tax: Free
Commission: Free

Logistics cost

The overseas seller needs to pay the international logistics cost, and the local last step delivery in Africa is paid by the buyer.

If the seller asks Kiliexpress to pick up the goods, they need to pay Ksh 100 per item from Kiliexpress to a seller’s warehouse. But the local last step delivery from Seller’s warehouse to the customer is paid by the buyer.

Shop Information

Shop Decoration

The seller can decorate His/Her own with an optional background image, and the main modules are as below:

  1. Under Shop Settings you can either set up a shop LOGO, banners, advertising slides, home recommendation, etc.
  2. In the Shop Category section, you need to set categories and add your products.
  3. The Shop Navigation section allows you to set key categories or single hot deals.
  4. Brand Application can be set up as a shop LOGO.

How to upload products and set price?

Products can be uploaded by either using a single upload or batch upload methods. Please download Kilimall Seller Center Operation Guide Here for more information.

Single upload product

After the store application is approved, the seller can now upload products directly by entering the Seller Center > Product > Upload Product > Select the product category > Submit. Set the selling currency to local currency. The standard product picture size is 640*640, less than 1MB

Batch upload product

The platform now provides batch upload module, for the operation details, please download “Kilimall Batch Upload Form Template”.

How to set price?

For overseas sellers:

Price = Product Cost + freight + commission + tax + transfer charge + profit
Commission = Total selling price * Commission rate
Tax = Selling price * VAT
Transfer charges = (Selling price – Commission – tax) * Transfer rate

For local sellers

Price = Product Cost + freight + commission + profit + VAT

Buyers payment methods

Buyers need to register first, the can choose to either use Credit cards or Mpesa to make payments

Buyer can either pay through an online or offline payment method where for Online Payment they will use Mpesa and for offline cash on delivery. Mpesa charges apply.

Customer Care Service

Tel: +254(0)709717000

Tel: +256(0)778118668

Sell With Kilimall

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