How to join, enroll, train and work online with Ajira Digital Kenya while studying

The Ajira Digital Program is a government initiative driven by the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology to empower over one million young people to access digital job opportunities.

he program seeks to position Kenya as a choice labour destination for multinational companies as well as encourage local companies and public sector to create digital work. The government digitization projects already create lots of viable micro work that can be completed by digital workers.

Access to digital work will build wealth and grow the middle class across the country. A larger middle class means more opportunities for businesses and direct growth of GDP.

The main objectives are to raise the profile of digital work; Promote a mentorship and collaborative learning approach to finding digital work; Provide Kenyans with access to digital work, and finally Promote Kenya as a destination for online workers.


  1. What skills qualifies me to start earning/ online work?
    To start working online you only need basic computer skills, internet connection and a computer/laptop.
  2. Who is an online worker?
    An online worker is a self-employed person who uses the internet to find, complete and submit work. Online work is so flexible, you can set your own hours, working full or part-time on the projects of your choice.
  3. Why is government doing this?
    To create employment opportunities for the youth.
  4. How can i recognize scam jobs?
    Some fake clients will try to get personal information by contacting you directly, make you do free sample jobs-when asked for sample jobs by a client simply direct him/her to your profile or at most do one sample job, click here to get more enlightened on how to identify online scams and avoid them.
  5. How will I get paid?
    As an online worker you can get paid through a number of channels which includes Skrill, PayPal, Payoneer. To learn more as you decide on a mode of payment click on the following links