How to Get a Loan Through Mco-op Cash App

Get a Loan Through Mco-op Cash App
Get a Loan Through Mco-op Cash App

How to Get a Loan Through Mco-op Cash App

The Cooperative Bank of Kenya through Mco-op Cash has made it easy for customers to access loans fast, easily and conveniently.

The process of accessing loans from Mco-op Cash app is very simple and one is able to borrow from as little as 3,000 shillings up to 100,000 shillings with those looking for salary advance getting up to 200,000 instantly.


  1. Sign up as a Co-op Bank customer.
  2. Download the Mco-op Cash App from Google Play Store or the iOS App Store
  3. Enter your details as per the prompts.

The interests charged on loans taken via Mco-op Cash App are favorable and the most affordable:

  1. 1 Month individual loans – 1.166 percent
  2. 3 Month individual loans – 3.498 percent
  3. Business Loan – 1.166 percent
  4. Insurance on 3 Month Loan – 0.102 percent

Mco-op Cash loans are not only meant for Android and iOS phone users but to those with ‘Mulika Mwizi; type of phones too. If One is not able to access loans from the mobile App, they can simply dial *667# and follow the prompts.

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