How to book Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) online

On 8th January 2018 Kenya Railways launched Madaraka Express train service Website. This website came after months of challenges getting tickets.

Passengers can now enjoy the ease of booking the SGR train through Kenya railway’s online booking system. It is quick, efficient and easy to use.


How to book from the Website

  • Go to the website
  • Select the Preferred train Madaraka Express for the afternoon or SGR intercounty for morning travel
  • Select your departing station and also your desired destination
  • Select the travel date
  • Select the coach type (First class and Second class) and indicate the number of passengers
  • Enter the passenger details ie; Full names, ID/Passport number, and Country
  • Select the payment option (M-pesa)

You will get a confirmation message which you will use the details to print the ticket at the departing station