How to apply to Safaricom M-PESA Foundation Academy

M-PESA Foundation Academy is a state of the art, co-educational and residential High school offering the Kenyan National Curriculum. Driven by leadership, entrepreneurship, technology and innovation, the Academy serves talented but economically disadvantaged students with demonstrated leadership potential.

The admissions process opens in March when application forms are sent out across the country and ends in December when the final list of selected students is generated. Every year we aim for a maximum of 200 students, four from each county, who are selected out of thousands of applications.

What then makes us different from the notable institutions offering the same curriculum?

We believe in inclusion and our diversity is beyond cultural, we have within our student body children with special needs such as the mobility challenged and children with albinism, plus we are planning to facilitate those who are challenged both audibly and visually.

Applications are accepted from students from all counties in Kenya. The Academy is an inclusive learning environment and qualifying students with disabilities are encouraged to apply. The admissions cycle runs from May to November each year, and consists of filling and returning an application form and, a multiple stage evaluation process including, telephone and in person interviews, for selected applicants. Please note that only successful applicants will be contacted.

Orientation Student orientation takes place between January and February each year. These two months form the basis of a lifetime of leadership learning to positively transform Kenya, Africa and the world. Components of orientation include:

  1. Introduction to rigorous leadership development and entrepreneurship learning.
  2. Teaching and practicing how to use technology efficiently and effectively to bridge educational gaps and allow for accelerated educational growth.
  3. Building the culture of the academy through values-based education.
  4. Basic introduction to higher level Math, English, Science, Languages and active reading

To apply click here to get the M-pesa Foundation Application Form