How to Apply for a Foreign Taxpayer Registration

Foreign Taxpayer Registration
Foreign Taxpayer Registration

How to Apply for a Foreign Taxpayer Registration

Apply for directors Pin.


1.Passport (Copy)
2.Contact details

Apply for investor registration and request for PIN facilitation

For individual investor:

1.Investment application form (original)
2.PIN acknowledgment receipt – nonresident (original)
3.Cover letter (original)
It should be addressed to the Managing Director Kenya Investment Authority requesting for investor registration and foreign taxpayer pin facilitation
4.Certificate of Compliance (copy)
For a branch of a foreign company
Certificate of incorporation (copy)
For local companies
5.Memorandum and articles of association (copy)
6.Proof of investment (copy)
Proof of investment can be in form of a bank statement (whether from a local bank or a foreign bank), equipment and assets on site or inform of an Import declaration forms /receipts showing that the investor has already bought equipment /assets worth that amount or any other evidence that the amount to be invested is 100,000 USD.
7.Passport (copy)
Displaying the current visa page

In addition to representatives:

1.Agent’s current practicing certificate (copy)
The agent can either be an advocate or an auditor
2.Letter of authority (copy)
For the designated representative of the branch – signed by the CEO or similar of the foreign company