How to apply for a Foreign taxpayer registration

Apply for directors Pin.
1.Passport (copy)
2.Contact details

Apply for investor registration and request for PIN facilitation


For individual investor:
1.Investment application form (original)
2.PIN acknowledgment receipt – non resident (original)
3.Cover letter (original)
It should be addressed to the Managing Director Kenya Investment Authority requesting for investor registration and foreign taxpayer pin facilitation
4.Certificate of Compliance (copy)
For a branch of a foreign company
Certificate of incorporation (copy)
For local companies
5.Memorandum and articles of association (copy)
6.Proof of investment (copy)
Proof of investment can be in form of a bank statement (whether from a local bank or a foreign bank), equipment and assets on site or inform of an Import declaration forms /receipts showing that the investor has already bought equipment /assets worth that amount or any other evidence that the amount to be invested is 100,000 USD.
7.Passport (copy)
Displaying the current visa page
In addition for representatives:
1.Agent’s current practising certificate (copy)
The agent can either be an advocate or an auditor
2.Letter of authority (copy)
For the designated representative of the branch – signed by the CEO or similar of the foreign company

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