How to Add Your Products to a Paid Campaign on Sky Garden

How to Add Your Products to a Paid Campaign on Sky Garden
How to Add Your Products to a Paid Campaign on Sky Garden

How to Add Your Products to a Paid Campaign on Sky Garden

Sky.Garden offers paid campaigns for sellers that want to get higher visibility and sales for certain products in their catalog. Products that appear under the paid campaigns will be easier to find on the customer marketplace and will get adverts designed and promoted on paid social media i.e. Facebook & Instagram.

This means that any product added to paid campaigns will receive increased traffic and potential sales for the period of the campaign.

How Are Paid Campaigns Priced?

Sky.Garden charges sellers per product to join a campaign. For example, if a Black Friday campaign is priced at Ksh 100 per product to join a campaign, and you would like to add 3 products, then you will be charged Ksh 300 to join the campaign.

How Do I Pay to be part of a Paid Campaign?

You will pay from your Sky.Garden Wallet. You will see how much it will cost to proceed to join the campaign based on the number of products you have selected. At which point you will be instructed to pay via your Sky.Garden Wallet. 

If you have insufficient funds in your wallet, you may fund it via MPesa or VISA card before proceeding to add your products to a campaign.

How Many Products Can I Add to a Campaign?

As you add your products to a campaign you will see what maximum number of products you can add to the campaign, e.g. if stated 10 products per seller, you will not be able to add more than 10 products to the campaign. 

This number will vary from campaign to campaign based on the length and size of the campaign.

How to Join a Paid Campaign

Step 1: Select ‘Promotions’ in your menu

Step 2: Select ‘LET’S DO THIS’ under ‘Campaigns

Step 3: Select ‘JOIN A CAMPAIGN’

Step 4: Select ‘JUMP IN’

Step 5: Select the products you would like to add

Step 6: Add the number of stock you would like to provide for the campaign and the discount (percentage or amount discount) for each product

Step 7: Once finished, click the tick in the top right corner and proceed to pay for your campaign via the Sky.Garden Wallet


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