How to Accept Payments via mVisa for Shop Owners



The mVisa service is provided as a payment option in Family Bank’s mobile banking platform PesaPap.

The service is available both through an application and on USSD by dialing *325#.
The merchant’s information is displayed at point of payment as a QR code. The customer logs-in to PesaPap, scans or keys in the merchant code and amount to pay. The transaction is then processed over VisaNet and a payment notification is sent to the merchant via a variety of methods (e.g. SMS, cash register, or billing server).

A QR Code is a form of barcode that has a unique seller identity embedded securely in it.
The customer will just need to scan this QR code from the mVisa option in PesaPap to start the payment process.


Easy for merchants to adopt, onboard and use (the POS machine is being replaced by a simple QR Code)
•Gives consumers control over payment on their favorite device (push payment i.e. the customer initiates payment).
•Transformational. No payment card or card read

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