‘You have too many children,’ Akothee recounts how she was dumped by Swiss husband

Singer Akothee with her children PHOTO/COURTESY

Singer Esther Akothee better known as Akothee to her legion of fans has revealed  how she was kicked out by Swiss baby daddy while nine months into her pregnancy.

Taking to her Instagram page Wednesday, Akothee narrated what she went through at the hands of her Swiss ex-lover in Switzerland.

“I have never allowed my challenges cover my beautiful smile, no one knew I was thrown out of Switzerland nine months pregnant to come back to Africa, his exact words ‘go back to Africa I have no time, energy or family to take care of you.’

“I am not ready for a family now, you have too many children, and a man cannot fall in love at 50,” she recalled.

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After she was thrown out on the streets, helpless and dejected, after a long thought the self-declared president of single mothers decided to go back home to her family.

“I have my three helpless girls I thought back in Mtwapa, Bahari, they need me more than I need the Swiss papers. I still have my rented house at punda Milia in Shanzu. I will go back home, join my kids and live in Afrika, than staying in jail in the name of (people will laugh at me),” she wrote.

Akothee further stated that despite going through all these challenges, there were still women who still envied her thinking she was living a luxurious life. With some going to the extent of sleeping with her ex-lover.

“Even during this time, I had women who were jealous of me, hated me, thinking I was living large and better life than them, even went as far as sleeping with my so baby daddy. little did they know the pain of rejection i was going through,” she said.

In the midst of the storm, the outspoken Akothee worked hard to build her brand.

“I never told anyone my journey or pain, even my own children didn’t know anything, not even family they only saw a strong hard working taxi driver, who now opened a restaurant/bar (The stomp 196 in shanzu I still don’t know how I crossed the bridges and arrived at MADAMBOSS.”