Why I wrote cheaters prayer: Chris Martin

Chris Martin on stage (PHOTO/INSTAGRAM)

Dance hall maestro Chris Martin has opened up on the inspiration behind his song ‘cheaters prayer.’

According to Chris, the song was not meant for him but was  dedicated to men, who in spite of being in a relationship still have the hots for other women.

“That song was not about me. I was singing about what happens on a day to day basis. As a man you see a beautiful woman and you are in a relationship. some of us stay away but some have to say the prayer,” he told Mpasho.

In the interview, he also shared his experiences on fatherhood, at the same time disclosing the kind of legacy he would love to live behind.

“Fatherhood has made me patient. I love the whole experience, the feeling of coming home and finding them excited to see me back. Everything I do is because of them. I love being a dad.

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“I want to live the legacy that Christopher Martin was a good artiste. I want to be a music ambassador Worldwide,” he revealed.

The Let her go crooner performed Saturday, at the Impala Grounds, Ngong Road, alongside other major Jamaican acts; D-Major and Future Fambo.

The Big Deal concert witnessed a large turnout of Kenyan’s, a move that impressed Chris.

Taking to his social media pages, he thanked Kenyan’s who turned up for the event in spite of the heavy downpour.

“Nairobi! I am humbled! The love you showed me tonight, I’m that rain…if I spent all the money/valuables I possess I could not pay u for the love u gave me tonight!!! Thank you!!!! I love you all very much!” He wrote on Twitter.