Why I can’t work with Harmonise – Diamond’s producer


Diamond’s producer Lizer Classic now says that he cannot work with Harmonise after exiting WCB label.

Speaking to Tanzanian radio station, Lizer stated that for an artist to access his services he/she ought to be part of the Wasafi family.

“Ni msanii mzuri Harmonize na kuondoka kwake pia mimi kama producer naona haina maana, kwa sababu akiondoka huwezi kufanya naye kazi. Mimi siwezi kufanya naye kazi tena kwa sababu tayari hayupo WCB,” he said.

The WCB producer who worked with Harmonise on his hit song kwangaru further stated that working with the Harmonise would tint his image, ‘as many would interpret it as a way of exiting from the label.

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“Mimi ni producer wa WCB kwa hivyo ambaye yupo nje ya WCB ambaye alikuwa WCB siwezi kufanya naye kazi. Sikatazwi lakini kiubinadamu, ukifanya naye kazi huwezi kuonekana vizuri.”

He, however, noted that they still friends with the Kainama hitmaker, and they normally keep tabs.

His words come only few months aftter Harmonise quit WCB to start his own label Konde Music Worldwide.

Following his exit, Haronise was forced to part with Sh22.4 million (Tsh500 Million) in order to gain exclusive rights to his music under the WCB label.